Sangli Maharashtra

Sangli Maharashtra

Sangli is one of the fabulous cities situated in the Maharashtra state of India. It nestled in an upland region along with the Krishna River about 32 km east-northeast of Kolhapur. Sangli has a massive history of several kingdoms ruling the land. The original name of the city was Shanagalli, which means in Marathi Saha (six) and Galli (lanes) characterize the early street plan. Sangli city houses the numerous sugar factories, along with this also famous for the turmeric trade, grapes. This only district has more than 30 sugar factories. The other industries comprise oil mills, cotton-textile, copper and brass, and a large-scale cigarette factory. Apart from these things the city is also well-known for many tourist attractions to explore.

Sangli Fort:


The Sangli fort is one of the best tourist attractions in Sangli city of Maharashtra. This fort once established the wonderful Rajwada palace and an amazing museum of its time. Sangli fort is constructed by the Peshwas; nowadays, there is also a Marathi school that runs here. This fort attracts the huge number of tourists from across the globe. It is a must to visit the place in Sangli city.

Picnic Spots in Sangli:


Mahabaleshwar is a fantastic picnic spot near to the Sangli. It only takes 4 hours to reach Mahabaleshwar from Sangli. The Mahabaleshwar is also known as the Queen of all hill stations. This hill station lies at the height of 1,372m in the elemental of Sahyadri Hills in the Satara District. This place gets its name from a Lord Mahadev sanctuary and three Sanskrit words, Maha (extraordinary), Bal (power) and Ishwar (God). It is known for its picturesque beauty and refreshing atmosphere. From here people can enjoy the splendid view of the sea and valley.

Ganapati Temple:


Ganpati temple is one of the popular pilgrimage sites to visit in Sangli. This place is always packed with devotees. The Ganpati temple was established in the year of 1843 by the Thorle Chintamanrao Patwardhan. The king himself places the Ganpati statue in the temple. The most attractive feature of this temple is the amazing black stone statue of Lord Ganesha.

Chandoli National Park:


Chandoli national park is another amazing place to explore in Sangli. Previously it is used to be a wildlife sanctuary; nowadays, it has the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve on its southern part. On the other hand, the northern part of this forest is the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a quite large national park and comprises a huge variety of animals. It is a paradise for nature lovers and wildlife admirers.

Dandoba Hill:


Dandoba hills is one of the enchanting and captivating hill to explore in Sangli, Maharashtra. In this hill, the forest reserve is rich in flora and fauna, and this is also one of the unexplored forests in India. The hills of the forest are perfect for an adventure lover for a hiking tour. The beauty and charm of this hill attracts the huge number of people.

Nisarg Resort:


Nisarg Resort is situated at Saddle – Madale, a twin town on the highest point of Jotiba Mountain. It is only 7 km away from the Pune Bangalore national thruway and 17 Kms from Kolhapur City. Nisarg signifies nature, life, soul, condition. Nisarg Resort offers amazing and luxurious facilities to its guest. It’s the best place for visitors to stay in.

Bridges Of Sangli:


The city of Sangli also houses the numerous bridges that are connected with the Krishna River. Bridges of Sangli are famous among the tourist; the three most famous ones comprise the Irwin Bridge, Krishna Bridge, and Ankali Bridge. Out of these bridges, the Krishna Bridge is one of the oldest bridges built during the British era with black rock. The Irwin Bridge is one of the largest bridges built of red-colored stones. And the Ankali Bridge is also a quite old bridge which connects the Karnataka and Maharahstra.

Flora and Fauna, Chandoli:


The Chandoli forest houses the various flora and fauna. The forest is a blend of the North Western Ghats moist deciduous forests and the Malabar Coast moist forests. The trees, such as Crape Myrtle, Ajani Ironwood Tree, Gooseberry, Jamun, Katak, Pia, are quite common in this forest. There are also the massive number of fauna found in this forest. The 122 species of birds and 23 species of mammals. Along with this, there is also the 20 species of reptiles and amphibians.

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