Famous for tea plantation, the state is one of the least explored regions in the country. One of the most beautiful states of India, Assam is the gateway to the enchanting and unexploited northeastern part of the country With Brahmaputra river, magnificent hills, its rich flora and fauna and wildlife, the state is a tourist paradise. On one hand it is gifted with Brahmaputra River’ bounty and on the other hand, there are several temples and religious places that attract pilgrims from all over the continent. One of the foremost temples in Assam is the Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati. So, plan your wonderful trip to some of the famous attractions here like Kaziranga National Park, Dakhinpat Satra & Kamalabari Satra in Majuli, Kamakhya Temple & Guwahati zoo in Guwahati etc and enjoy delicious sweet dishes that will surely tingle your taste buds like Pitha, Aloo Pitika, Mayor Tenga etc. This state is a pilgrim’s paradise.

Kaziranga Wildlife Tour

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