Craignano Mashobra, Shimla

Craignano Mashobra, Shimla

Built by: Chevalier Federico Pelite (Italian photographer)
Location: Shimla-Naldehra road
Altitude: 2146 m
Nearest city: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Major attractions: Hill station & natural beauty

Entry Fee: There is an entry fee of Rs 50 (for adults) for the entrance to Nature Park. One can fully enjoy the scenic view in just a very little amount. However, kids are allowed free inside.

Best season/ time Winters:
When it is colder outside, it becomes a great opportunity to enjoy a donut of mind-boggling activities. Thus, months from Oct/ Nov to Feb/March can be the best time to visit the peaceful Craignano National Park.


Situated on the Shimla-Naldehra highway in the territory of Himachal Pradesh, Craignano settles at a height of about 7700 ft above the ocean level. Well-known for delightful Italian style estate, the famous Craignano Nature Park often pronounced as ‘Crack Nano’ is a newly built Nature Park in place of British time Italian villa.

Built by an Italian photographer Chevalier Federico Pelite, Craignano is an Italian villa located above the sea level in Mashobra. Chevalier had built the villa as a tribute to his hometown in Italy which now serves as one of the most splendid Mashobra places to visit for travelers. It is a popular tourist destination for all people visiting the beautiful town of Shimla and Mashobra. The villa is built wholly with wood and is flanked by sparkling streams and cedar and pine trees on all its sides.

Other characteristic features that define Craignano Mashobra are its neatly covered lawns, old-worldly stone benches and vintage night lamps belonging to the colonial period. The villa is also known for its water lift which is probably the highest in the world. It stands as a unique entity on the lands of Mashobra that attracts a number of tourists to this place.

Craignano Nature Park

As said by Saint Augustine,the world is like a book, those who do not travel, read only a single page.’

A Picnic spot

It is a very good place to sit & enjoy brisk walk in the Nature Park. Hence, a beautiful place for offering peace & relaxation. The park is full of pines, oak trees & seasonal flowers. Craignano mashobra is one of the most beautiful mainstreams to the world.

Major Attractions

  • As the Nature Park sets the kids free, there is a lot to explore here from a lot of colorful butterflies to chase back, noises of cricket to many sound-imitating birds.
  • Sitting at the tree house while listening to the birds’ chirping noises hands-down a major attraction for soul refreshment.
  • A small flower garden with Buddha sitting right in the middle invites many travelers to spread the picnic sheet & feed on nature. Icy covered hut climbed laden strings & the sweet smell of roses attracts you to settle down here forever. The place has beautiful pebble-laden trails to soak in the sunshine.
  • Being an eco-friendly park, the place never loses its clean touch as it is full of green meadows & a neat & clean environment. The park provides a litter-bag in partnership with the Rotary Club Shimla Midtown to throw all types of garbage & keep the surroundings without pollution.

NOTE: A small amount of Rs 100 will be taken from you as a form of security deposit in return a re-usable jute bag will be provided to you (in case you want to eat some kind of food items or eatables in the park) use & return back.

Activities in Craignano Mashobra

For all those adventure lovers, it is an ideal place as it offers an opportunity to enjoy thrilling & various adventurous activities like rappelling, rock climbing & fishing that it hosts for travelers regularly.

Craignano is popular for having the world’s largest water lift located at an altitude of around 7657 ft which was previously made by the British. Now at present, it is used for supplying water to Shimla & other surrounding areas of the city.

Only at a distance of about half an hour away from Shimla, Craignano has everything to make an unforgettable hill holiday. There is everything, from whistling woods to embarking trees, magical lake flower-filled green meadows to inviting tree houses, undiscovered tracks to eco-friendly play area for kids. The nature Park is the most beautiful secret of Shimla.

How to reach there:

 The villa/ park is located at 12 km away from the Shimla Bus Stand and only 2 km from Mashobra city centre that can be easily reached via a bus or taxi ride from both these places.

If you really want to visit the exclusive green meadows hide outs, then Craignano in Himachal Pradesh is an ideal choice. It personally reminds us of the magical story, “Alice in Wonderland”.

Absolutely, it is a must-visit place for tourists.

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