Deodar Forest Himachal Pradesh

Deodar Forest Himachal Pradesh

Deodar Forests in Himachal Pradesh are known for their majestic beauty & grandeur like a green pearl in the crown of the Himalaya. The Deodar or Deodara Cedrus tree is local to Himalayan Mountains.

The word ‘Deodar’ has been begun from a Sanskrit word named, devadaru Deodar woodlands are commanded Cedrus Deodara which are found in the Western Himalayas from Gandak River in central Nepal to Hindukush mountains in Afghanistan.

Deodar Cedar tree which is also known as Cedrus Deodara is an ornamental plant which is found at the tropical regions of Himachal Pradesh. This generic name is derived from the original Sanskrit, which means “timber of gods.”

Widely grown as an evergreen tree, it is found in urban forests & parks. They have soft-greyish green needles with drooping branches which are pyramidal in shape. Growing just like to reduce competitions & improving growing conditions.



Many sources have said that the pines growing in the Himalayan region are just ideal for studying the climatic changes in the area that have taken place over the years. Rings in the tree trunk not only help to know the age of the tree but also after scientifically examining them, tell about the changes were taking place in the climate of the place.

Cultivation & Its Uses

Deodar tree is a great construction material because of its high demand due to its durability (long-lasting), rot-resistant properties, fineness and of good polishing nature. It is a good building material as the famous houseboats of Kashmir & Srinagar are made using the wood of this ideal tree.

At the time of Britishers in India & Pakistan, the wood of this sacred Deodar tree had been widely used in making barracks, public buildings, railway cars & canals, bridges.

Cultural Importance


Many Hindus believe it as a divine tree as they worship it religiously. The deodar tree was & is still revered by the people of India.

There is a history behind these forests: It has been seen as well as believed that Deodar forests or Devadaru trees had been the favorite place of living for ancient Indian sages along with their families who were in great devotion to the Hindu God, Lord Shiva. Many strenuous tapasyas were being performed in deodar forests by the ancient Rishi Munis (sages) to please God. Apart from this, texts &great Hindu epics have had a regularly mention about Darukavana which means deodar forest. Hence, these forests were considered as a religious place to live.

Places in India with Deodar Forests

Also known as Pine forests, Cedrus deodar tree species from India known for its Christmas tree shape. Deodar Forests are widely found in snowfall Himachal Pradesh, Jammu-Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Sikkim & Arunachal Pradesh, Darjeeling region of West Bengal, South-western Tibet & Western Nepal in India.


Naldehra is a stunning hill station that overlooks dense forests of Deodars &naldehra Cedar, located at a distance of about 22 km away from Shimla in the Himachal state of India. Mashobra Valley is surrounded by evergreen pine and deodar forests, situated in Naldehra.

The splendid resort located in the heart of Naldehra countryside in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh is surrounded by tall deodar forests. Having deluxe, super deluxe & premium rooms in the resort with all modular facilities with beautiful panoramic views of the city. It is an elegant resort entirely surrounded by Deodar forests from all sides. Spend your entire day at the world-famous Naldehra Golf course & also enjoy a gamut of activities like skiing


Pre-dominantly coniferous forests with xerophytic shrubs in which Deodar, oak, maple, olive trees, etc. are the main trees. Such types of forests are found in the inner dry Himalayan ranges where south-west monsoon is very weak & precipitation is below 100 cm (almost covered with snow). Such areas are in Sikkim, Garhwal, Kinnaur, Chamba, Ladakh & Lahul. At higher elevation, fir, Deodar & Chilgoza trees can be found in Sikkim.

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Auli in Uttarakhand

auliConsidered as the best place for snowfall rafting, Auli is the most popular winter destination of Uttarakhand in India. Here one can find species of Deodar forests  as the region is mostly covered with snowfall during the entire year. The slopes of Auli are covered by coniferous Deodar, oak trees along with orchards of apple characterized by mostly mountainous fowl, tall trees of oak, deodar, pine & conifer, etc.

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Craignano Mashobra

Craignano-Mashobra-deodar-forestAmidst the Deodar & Oak forests, it is a famous picnic spot near Mashobra. Craignano, a place named after a town in Italy, is a major tourist hub as the place is an eco-friendly Nature Park and is also popular for Craignano resort. Nestled at an altitude of 7700 ft high at a distance of only 3 km from Mashobra valley & 13 km from the beautiful hill station Shimla, Craignano is an exquisite glade shaded by ancient deodar trees.

Tall deodar trees surrounding the links making it one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. The place features sprawling gardens & plantations here & there covered with colorful daffodils, water hyacinths & other flowers. The entire valley is unveiled with dense woody forests of oaks & pine trees, perfect for taking a pleasant walk in the midst of soothing climate.

True to be said that, Craignano is an all-time worth seeing tourist spot that can be ventured with family & friends.

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