Kareri Lake Trek – A Hidden Jewel of Himachal Pradesh

Kareri Lake Trek – A Hidden Jewel of Himachal Pradesh

Exploring the Triund trek is such an amazing thing, but this trek does not only cover Dharamshala and Mcleodganj. If you are a peace lover and want to explore hidden or obscure places compared to famous places that you see in everyone’s Instagram stories, then the luxury Kareri lake trek is only for you. This is another hidden gem in the middle of the Triund trek and it is in an unfamiliar destination, so this trek is seen by only the most ardent hikers who want to explore uncharted places. Kareri Lake is a quite common name for Dharamsala locals, or they know the pleasant beauty of Kerari village so they managed to stay away from the blaze of touristy eyes.

We all know that Himachal’s hill station is the prime destination for weekend getaways for all nearby cities. After living a working life in multiple cities, people come here to relax their mind and body. Himachal’s mountains, green valleys, glaciers, snow-covered area, and trekking places, all are the prime features of Himachal. For these pleasant and amazing hill stations, India counts on the beauty of nature. 

Kareri Lake

Kareri Lake Trek

The beautiful Himalaya region is covered with several lakes and glaciers. In the huge list of lakes, some lakes are large and famous and on the other hand, some lakes are small and uncharted. Some lake locations, where you can reach easily and few others, will take several days. All the lakes secure themselves with their different beauty and specialists, but they all are beautiful. Even unfamiliar or small lakes are giant in beauty. Kareri Lake is counted as one of them. This is a tint lake that sits in the Dhauladhar range at a distance of about 11 kilometers.  It is a glacial lake, and the Dhauladhar peaks melting snow deliver the water. This lake is completely frozen from starting December to March, or quite close to the snowline. 

The local gaddi shepherds pasture their livestock with the freshwater water of the lake. You see some beautiful houses, made of stone, located near the lake. The owners of these houses are mostly shepherds. The snow-white lake with green areas and stone houses made this place like heaven. Along with all these things, there is also a temple, on a hillock looming the lake. This temple is earmarked to Lord Shiva.

About Kareri Lake Trek:

About Kareri Lake Trek

After knowing the Kareri Lake, its beautiful snowy or green location, you make a plan to trek to this location. Right? Before going on a trek, it’s important to know all about the Kareri Lake trek

Kareri Lake is a hidden and uncharted lake and their trek is done by only ardent hikers or peace lovers. This trek is completely covered in only three days and across through a beautiful pine forest. There is another lake, Nyuns Nallah, their outflow helps you to reach the destination. You can just heed the flow of the water to its sources. The preliminary part of the lake is via a forest and the middle half in stony path or green parks. There are some camps along the track, where you can recite at night. 

To make this tour more luxurious, some experienced agents are already available to provide you with luxury tour services that comprise preparing your tents, food, water, and more essential things to make your trip efficient. Kareri Lake also provides a base for the Minkiani Pass and Baleni Pass trek for those people who want to trek also into the Dhauladhar Mountains. 

Their Pictureholic scene, green valleys, stone house, and a snow-covered lake in Kereri, really make this trek worth it.  This trek is ideal for novices and for those people who want to explore hidden gems and uncharted locations. To complete this trek, you have an honorable level of healthiness. This is the most lovely trek compared to other nearby treks like the Kheerganga and Prashar Lake trek. If you do not have several days to explore the Himalayas deeply, then this trek is perfect for you. Kareri lake Trek covers all the beauty of the Himalayas. 

How To Reach Kareri Village?

How To Reach Kareri Village?

To see the Kareri lake, first you have to go to the Kareri village. This village is situated around 27 km from Dharamshala. Here you can easily hail taxis from Dharamshala to Kareri. It will take 2 hours to reach the Kareri village. To reach the final terminus, you have to reach the Dharmshala. So you can reach this place by car or other vehicle or you can also choose a bus or train to reach Dharamshala. All the ways are good to start your trip. 

How To Reach Lake From Dharamshala?

How To Reach Lake From Dharamshala

After reaching the Dharamshala, get ready to start your luxury Kareri lake tour. This is the starting point of the tour and the distance of  25 km from Dharamshala. First, you reach the Rioti, which is the basic center for the trek. Where experienced agents are already available to provide luxury tour services. They deliver sufficient services like preparing your tents, food, water, and all necessary things to make your trip more efficient. The next day, you start your trek to Kareri Lake, and if you love to see Kareri Lake then you stay near Kareri village. If you don’t, then you return to Dharamshala by evening. 

Best Time To Visit Kareri Lake:

Best Time To Visit Kareri Lake
SeasonBest Months to VisitWeatherActivities
SpringMarch to AprilPleasant; Clear skies, mild daysTrekking, birdwatching
SummerMay to JuneMild to warm; Clear skies, cool nightsCamping, trekking, photography
MonsoonJuly to SeptemberRainy; High chance of rainLush greenery, waterfalls, photography
AutumnOctober to NovemberCool; Clear skies, chilly nightsTrekking, camping, autumn foliage
WinterDecember to FebruaryCold; Snowfall possibleSnow trekking, winter photography

All the years or months are best for visiting Kareri Lake. But for doing the trek, the best time to visit Kareri is April to June and October to November. Especially in winter, you see the snowy beauty of the Himalayas in Kareri and also see Kareri Lake as a glacier lake. Along with winter, summer, and spring is also the best season to visit this unfamiliar location. In this weather, you enjoy warm days and cool nights. Avoid the monsoon season by visiting Kareri Lake or doing a Kareri lake trek. 

This is all the information about the Kareri lake trek. If you love doing small and unfamiliar tours, then you must add Kareri Trek to your list. This is the most exquisite and short trek in Himachal. In this trek, you see pine forests, bridges, and many other eye-capture views. After seeing the mind-blowing beauty of this destination, you say that Kareri Lake is the hidden gem of the Himalayas. 

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