Morni Hills Haryana

Morni Hills Haryana

Morni Hills is the most enchanting place situated in the Haryana state of India. This place is nestled on the border of Panchkula in Haryana near to the Chandigarh and well-known for its refreshing hill station. This is only the hill station in Haryana and also the famous picnic spot for locals as well as for tourist. Morni Hills are located at the height of 1220 meters above the sea level and offers amazing scenic views. This is also an essential archaeological site and attracts many tourists. Morni Hills is an amazing place for trekking and bird watching.

Adventure Park:


The government of Haryana has set up an adventure park in Morni Hills to enhance tourism. For all the adrenaline junkies, this adventure park provides amazing options. Zipline, Burma scaffold and climbing nets are available in this adventure park. There are also small swings are available for kids, and a small cafeteria has been established for satisfying your hunger.

Morni Hills Lake:


Morni Hills Lake, nestled in the Panchkula region, is another immensely well-known picnic spot near to the Chandigarh. The place is around the lakes which is believed to be holy by the nearby villagers. The lake is surrounded by the rich green vegetation, scenic Himalayas, and all these make the place an amazing tourist attraction.

Tikkar Taal:


Tikkar Taal is one of the amazing places to visit in Morni Hills. This place is located 7 km far from the beautiful Morni Hills. Tikkar Taal is a place which possesses of its two human-made lakes. An Elevation divides these two interconnected manmade lakes Bara Taal and Chota Taal. This place offers amazing scenic views and attracts numerous tourists.

Chandrawal Kunj Resort:


Chandrawal Kunj is one of the most amazing resorts of Morni. It is an enchanting and the greenest resort in the hills. This resort is one of the ancient resorts in town. It is nestled high the chir-pine enclosed hill that disregard Bhoj Jabial. It’s about a kilometre far from Morni across the Morni-Tikkar Tal road. This resort is named after the first commercial successful Haryani film ‘Chandrawal’ that was released in 1984. Chandrawal Kunj Resort offers the best services to its guest. This resort is visited by the wide range of enchanting birds and is nestled at the height of 1200 meters above the sea level.

Gurudwara Nada Sahib:


Gurudwara Nada Sahib is one of the best pilgrimage site in Morni, Haryana. This gurudwara holds a critical significance for the Sikhs. Gurudwara Nada Sahib is visited by the followers of Sikhism and also by other tourists. This gurudwara is located on the bank of the Ghaggar river. It is believed by the people that Guru Gobind Singh stopped in this place while travelling after the battle of Bhangani in the year of 1688 from Paonta Sahib to Anandpur Sahib.

Morni Hills Wildlife:


The Morni Hills Wildlife is an amazing part of the Morni hills. The leopards are normally spotted in and across the Morni hills. In Morni hills, the animals are difficult to photograph. Along with this, the Morni Hills comprise several other creatures. This hill is surrounded by the numerous dense trees and animals and offers the most amazing scenic views of hills. The summertime is better to explore this place.

Morni Fort:


Morni fort is an amazing place to explore in Morni hills. This enchanting fort can appeal to history lovers as well. A tremendous fort is straggled at the top of the Morni Hills which offers a captivating view of Morni town. It is believed by the people that the Morni fort was established in the seventeenth century. The fort has been reestablished for the visitors, yet it has not lost its old essence. This fort is enclosed by the lush green vegetation and exotic hills.

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