Ngagyur Palyul Choekhorling Monastery-Bir (H.P.)


The Venerable Rigo Tulku Rinpoche what’s more, Abbot Khenchen Rabgye built up Ngagyur Palyul Choekhorling Monastery in Bir in upper east India in 1968 as prompted by H.H. Dzonang Ringpoche. Later, Admired Rigo Tulku Rinpoche purchased a real estate parcel close Ngagyur Palyul Choekhorling Monastery and moved the Ngagyur Palyul Choekhorling Monastery there.

Rigo Tulku Rinpoche assembled a threestory sanctuary with spaces for ministers encompassing the sanctuary. He likewise fabricated numerous overlaid copper statues of Buddha what’s more, other Buddhist divinities, divine beings and goddesses inside the sanctuary.

ngagyur-palyul-choekhorling-monastery-bir-himachal-pradeshAt that point, gradually numerous young men from Tibet, India, the Himalayan regions,Bhutan and Nepal began to join Ngagyur Palyul Choekhorling Monastery to gotten to be ministers, and in 2015 the aggregate number of friars has developed to around three hundred. The friars study and Ngagyur Palyul Choekhorling Monastery hone Buddhist Dharma and commit themselves in maintaining, sustaining and spreading the Precious Lord Buddha’s Tenet.

Ngagyur Palyul Choekhorling Institute :

ngagyur-palyul-choekhorling-monastery-birTo finish the significant expectation of His Holiness the Penor Rinpoche in setting up the Buddhist foundation, His Eminence Sonam Tenzin Rinpoche set up Ngagyur Palyul Choekhorling Foundation in the year 1991, to routinely manage the aural and acknowledged importance of Buddha Doctrine and at last to maintain phenomenal perspectives and precepts of the four Omniscient Masters of the Ancient Sect of Tibetan Buddhism through dissecting view, examining meaning and ruminating over its substance. Thusly, primordial knowledge will be stirred in oneself and the convention of Sutra and Tantra can be instructed to others concurring to their resources.

ngagyur-palyul-choekhorling-institute-bir-himachal-pradeshDirectly after its foundation, Khenpo Norgay, who is blessed with an immeasurable sea of characteristics in religious talk was welcomed from Namdroling to instruct buddhist logic. In this way, he was the pioneer in instructing in this new organization. Therefore, very much learned, upright furthermore, honorable Khenpos: Tsewang Sonam, Sangay Wangdue, Tadin Sithub and numerous Ngagyur Palyul Choekhorling Institute others likewise educated the understudies graduating from class I to IX.

palyul-choekhorling-monastery bir himachal pradeshThe subjects of sutra, tantra and Tibetan sciences looks like a sea of learning for an audience, crystalline mirrors for analysers, a stable boat for contemplators and pearls of guidelines for meditators. What is educated here is the same as Ngagyur Nyingma Institute. Furthermore, it is a great spot to upgrade unprecedented perspectives and fundamentals of the Ancient School to development inside brief timeframe.

Palyul Choekhorling Lower Secondary School :

palyul-choekhorling-monastery-birBy and large, the crucial component of transient and lasting peace and success on the planet develops as a consequence of Buddhadharma, which these days can be discovered principally in the Tibetan dialect.

Keeping in mind the end goal to protect, support and create this valuable society, Ven. Rigo Tulku Rinpoche had built up Palyul Choekhorling Religious Primary School in the year 1968 for the Himalayan ministers of India, Nepal, Bhutan and newcomers from Tibet. From that point forward, more than one hundred ministers get nourishment, lodging, therapeutic treatment and material associate from Rigo Tulku Rinpoche and his cloister.

bir-city-park-himachalBesides, essential Tibetan Grammar, composing, perusing aptitudes and custom methods alongside English and ascetic talk are being educated in the school. In spite of the weariness they confronted, in the year 2004, Rinpoche and kindred educators redesigned Palyul Choekhorling Monastic School, which is comparable to current schools. Under this Administration, the accompanying standards were actualized.

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