Paragliding in Bir Billing, Himalayas

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Bir is referred to everywhere throughout the world as a best play area for paragliders and is a heaven for vacationer who wish to take a safe tendem paradliging game. Bir is additionally well known for its Buddhist cloisters and tibetian settlement, not overlooking the Tibetan society and crafted works. One of the best air game destinations on the planet. Charging is 14 Kms far from Bir. With the mountain extents serving as an amphitheater. Bir-Billing offer incredible open doors for high height and crosscountry flying for an extend that stretches out to 200 Kilometers. Encompassed by tea enclosures and an amphitheater of low slopes, is a perfect arriving around for para- lightweight flyers.

14 km from Bir, which came in the news in 1984 when a worldwide Hang Gliding rally was sorted out at Billing, a place 20 km from Palampur where some master hang lightweight planes of the world partook. They evaluated this spot as one of best on the planet. In the month of May/ June a tented settlement is situated up by H.p. Tourism to encourage Hang lightweight flyers. At this point all the streets lead to Billing. Up and down the base of the edges runs a parallel street from Mandi to Dharamshala and past which guarantees simple recuperation for pilots in the wake of arriving.The most imperative peculiarity of this locale is its climate.

Paragliding world cup is going to host in Bir Billing (Himachal Pradesh) India in 2016.

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