Jalore Rajasthan

Jalore Rajasthan

Jalore is the beautiful city situated in the Rajasthan the popular state of India. The Jalore city is the authoritative central station of the area. Jalore city in Rajasthan is also known as the Granite City because the importance of the city is to produce some of the finest granite in the world. Along with this, the city is also famous for the many tourist attractions. Jalore is a tiny town in Rajasthan, but its major attractions and industrial development have helped to develop by leaps and bounce in modern times.

Sundha Temple:


The Sundha Temple is an antique temple situated on the hilltop known as Sundha in the Jalore city. This place is 20 km from the metropolis of Bhinmal and 64 km from the Mount Abu. This temple is nearly 900 years old, made with the white marble. Sundha temple is devoted to the Goddess Chamunda Devi. This temple is one of the holy places for the pilgrimages. 

Jalore Fort:


Jalore fort is one of the major attraction in Jalore city of Rajasthan. The Jalore fort is also known as the ‘Sonagir’ and ‘Golden Mount’. This fort is one of the popular and enchanting forts in the state. The actual time of construction of this impressive fort is unknown; there is a rough idea that this fort was erected in between the 8th to 10th century. This amazing fort has four massive gates such as Suraj Pol, Dhruv Pol, Chand Pol and Sire Pol.

Jahaz Temple Mandwala:


Jahaz Temple has situated the town of Mandwala, which is located around 20 km away from Jalore. This unique temple is the main attraction to visit in Mandala. This amazing temple is constructed on a ship, at the grave of Surishwar Maharaj. This beautifully designed temple is not only visited by the Jain worshippers, but also by the other religions. The Jahaz temple admires a symbol of Shnatinath Bhagwan.

Topkhana Jalore:


Topkhana is another tourist attraction to visit in Jalore, Rajasthan. In the midst of Jalore town, residues of a Sanskrit school and a holy place of King Bhoj who was a researcher of Sanskrit are found. The King Bhoj was well-known for erecting several schools in Jalore, Dhar, and Ajmer. The Gunneries were kept in these school structures amid the pro-freedom period, and it was known as Topkhana and now become one of the tourist attraction.

Lohana Village Resort:


Lohana Village Resort is an amazing getaway resort in Rajpura. This beautiful resort is providing captivating views and a wide variety of activities and experiences. This Lohana Village Resort situated in the midst of the mountains of Sundhamata conservation reserve. This resort is spread over the 17 acres of land area and surrounded with the lush green vegetation. The Lohana village resort offers luxurious rooms with modern facilities.

Sire Temple:


Sire Temple is nestled in the Jalore town of Rajasthan state in India. This beautiful temple lies at the height of 646 m on the Kalashchal mountain. Sire temple around 3 km away from the town of Jalore. Sire temple established by Raja Ratan Singh. There is a Shiva Linga set up inside the temple and a big statue of the elephant in the front of the temple which is built of stone and cement.

Jalore Wildlife Sanctuary:


Jalore Wildlife Sanctuary is the main tourist attraction to visit Jalore town in Rajasthan. This beautiful wildlife sanctuary is 130 km from Jodhpur and near to the Jalore town. This Jalore wildlife sanctuary is spread over the 19 sq km and homes of the several wild creatures. In the wildlife sanctuary, you can spot Indian gazelle, leave fox, panther, Asian-steppe wildcat, brownish bird and many more.

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