Diu Town Daman and Diu

Diu Town Daman and Diu

Diu is a town in Diu locale in the union domain of Daman and Diu, India. Diu District is the tenth minimum populated region of India.The town of Diu lies at the eastern end of Diu Island, and is known for its stronghold and old Portuguese Cathedral. It is additionally an angling town.Diu has been chosen as one of the hundred Indian urban communities to be produced as a keen city under PM Narendra Modi’s lead Smart Cities Mission.

Nagoa Beach:


Nagoa Beach is a mainstream cookout spot. It is a disengaged shoreline, which can be come to in 20 minutes through ship from the principle town of Diu. The shoreline is arranged in an old angling town of Nagoa.The shoreline has a one of a kind shoe-shape, which extends more than 2 km from one end to the next. This shoreline is appropriate for different exercises like swimming, water games and camel or horse riding.

Hokka Trees:


The Hokka Trees at Nagoa Beach are one of a kind and are not discovered anyplace else in India. These trees (Hyphaene indica) are the sole Indian types of African sort that were brought by the Portuguese amid their provincial run the show. The products of these trees are palatable and have restorative properties.

Diu Fort:


Diu Fort is an old Portuguese historic point, which was built in the vicinity of 1535 and 1541. This fortress is arranged appropriate along the shoreline, which is declaration of the key organization together between the Sultan of Gujarat and the Portuguese. The Diu Fort is otherwise called the Portuguese Fort and has the Diu Jail and a beacon.

Gangeshwar Temple Diu:


The Gangeshwar Temple is arranged roughly 3 km from Diu in the old Fudam town. This sanctuary is devoted to Lord Shiva and elements 5 Shivalingas that are accepted to have been built up by the Pandavas amid their outcast from the kingdom. These Shivalingas are arranged in the midst of rocks that are washed by waves constantly.

INS Khukri Memorial:


INS Khukri Memorial is the dedication site of an Indian Naval Ship that sank amid the Indo-Pak War of 1971. Three torpedoes were let go at this maritime ship by a Pakistani submarine, which pulverized it around 40 nautical miles from the Diu drift. There were around 18 officers and 176 mariners in this ship, when it sank. Skipper Mahendra Nath Mulla Mahavir Chakra was the commander of this warship.

St. Paul Church:


St. Paul Church is a popular church in Diu, which is exclusively devoted to ‘Our Lady of Immaculate Conception’. This congregation was built over 10 years, with the development beginning in 1601 and completion in 1610.The Gothic engineering style of this congregation is like that of the Bom Jesus Church of Goa. There is an intricate veneer in this congregation that is lit up by surge lights. The wood framing of this congregation is thought to be the best among different temples in the town.

The Naida Caves:


The Naida Caves are situated outside the fundamental mass of the Diu Fort that was developed by the Portuguese. These caverns have a major system of passages with square cut strides. Local people trust that the Portuguese rulers hacked the building materials from the Naida Caves.

Shell Museum:


Shell Museum, one of the shell exhibition halls on the planet, has a wide individual accumulation of Captain Fulbari. He was a mariner, who spent the majority of his life in the district gathering various types of ocean shells. This exhibition hall likewise highlights perusing materials on the historical backdrop of shells.

Gomatimata Beach:


Gomatimata Beach is arranged around 25 km far from the fundamental town of Diu and elements a wide extend of white sandy shoreline. This shoreline is otherwise called Gomtimata and is arranged on the western end of Diu. It is a long and disengaged shoreline, which does not have profound water and is in this manner not appropriate for swimming. It is a perfect shoreline to unwind, sunbathe and laze around on the delicate sand.

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