Yercaud Hills Station, Tamil Nadu

Yercaud Hills Station, Tamil Nadu

Yercaud is a slope station in Salem District, in Tamil Nadu, India. It is situated in the Shevaroys scope of slopes in the Eastern Ghats. It is arranged at a height of 1515 meters (4970 ft) above ocean level, and the most noteworthy point in Yercaud is the Servarayan sanctuary, at 5,326 feet (1,623 m). The slope station is named inferable from the plenitude of woods close to the lake, the name connoting Lake Forest. As a prevalent visitor goal, Yercaud is likewise called as Jewel of the South. Yercaud is associated with the city of Salem, Tamil Nadu through a Highway of 28 km. Espresso and citrus natural products, most remarkably oranges, are developed in plenitude, and in addition bananas, pears and jackfruit.

Big Lake:


Huge Lake, a man-made lake, is prevalently known as Emerald Lake. One of the significant attractions of the goal, this lake is flanked by slopes and normal shores alongside a perfectly looked after garden. One can likewise observe a gliding wellspring in the lake.

Anna Park:


Anna Park, found contiguous the lake, is one of the significant attractions of the goal. The recreation center houses a wide accumulation of normal types of plants and trees around Shevaroy slopes. The recreation center likewise has a Japanese Park, which is situated inside it. The Japanese Park is acclaimed among youngsters going to the Anna Park.

Montfort School:


Montfort School, set up in 1917 by Brother Denis, is one of the entrenched private kid’s schools situated inside the goal. There is a wonderful sanctuary situated inside the school, which has been built utilizing stones, highlighting extraordinary compared to other cases of Franco-Indian engineering.

Killiyur Falls:


Killiyur Falls, situated at a separation of 3 km from the Yercaud Lake, is a standout amongst the most lovely waterfalls. The best time to make a visit to this lake is after the southwest rainstorm or the upper east storm. From a tallness of 300 ft, the water of Yercaud Lake alongside the water from Shevaroy Hills falls into the Killiyur valley. An accomplished trekker takes span of a hour to trek through the woods from the lake to the base of the falls.

Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple:


Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple, devoted to the goddess of all divine beings, was found by Tirukovilur Thapovanam Srila Sri Gnanananda Giri Swamigals Parampara Disciple HH Swami Poornananda Giri. The symbol of the divinity inside the sanctuary is encompassed by icons of a few divine beings and goddesses.

Botanical Garden:


Professional flowerbed houses the orchidarium and the green house, which is a standout amongst other spots to visit the verdure. It is one of the perfect spots to pick up information about different types of plants. Yercaud is known for Kurinji blooms, a lot of which can be found in this garden. The claim to fame of this bloom is that it blooms once in twelve years.

Pagoda Point:


Pagoda Point, situated on the eastern piece of Yercaud Hills, is otherwise called Pyramid Point. This point has gotten its name from four heaps of stones that frame a pyramid shape and are accepted to be built by the neighborhood tribes.

Servarayan Temple:


Servarayan Temple, committed to Lord Shervaroyan, is situated over the level topped Shevaroy slopes. The sanctuary is a thin and dim buckle and icons of Lord Shervaroyan and Goddess Kaveri are set inside it. Goddess Kaveri is accepted to be the supporter divinity for 67 towns situated in and around the goal. It is trusted that, the sanctuary give in should touch the stream Kaveri.

The Grange Yercaud:


Grange, developed in 1820, is one of the most established compositional marvels situated in Yercaud. This château was worked by gatherer M. D. Cockburn. It was additionally the principal business manor region for espresso, oranges and apples in this slope station.

Karadiyur View Point:


The Karadiyur perspective is situated at a separation of twelve km from Yercaud. A magnificent area to appreciate the excellence of nature, the Karadiyur perspective . Appreciate the nature taking care of business valleys beautified with waterways and greenery. The dusk see from here has an exceptional appeal. Voyagers, nature darlings, enterprise searchers and picture takers will appreciate a visit to the Karadiyur perspective. Notwithstanding, in the event that you are going with family, the senior citizens and kids may discover moving up the slope a troublesome errand.

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