Tirunelveli Tamilnadu

Tirunelveli Tamilnadu

Tirunelveli is the amazing place situated in Tamil Nadu, state of India. This city is nestled on the bank of Tamiraparani River. During the British rule, this city is known as the Nellai. Tirunelveli is one of the oldest city of Tamil Nadu and has a history over 2000 years. This beautiful city came under the control of the Pandya Kings who govern the area approximate 600 BC, and after then this city came under the control of Chola dynasty. Tirunelveli is nestled at the southernmost point of the Deccan Plateau, and because of its costal and natural enclosing, this place houses the wide range of flora and fauna.

The name of this city is derived from the Tamil words the prefix tiru means “holy”, nel means “paddy” and veli means fence”. This city was a commercial centre throughout the Pandya dynasty. Tirunelveli has become an industrial city specializing in the production of cigars, jewellery and textiles. This city lies in the fertile valley of Tambraparni River which offers irrigation water for crops such as rice and cotton.

Temple of Trunelveli Tamilnadu India

Tirunelveli has several fantastic attraction to explore, which attracts the large number of people from across the world. With many other tourist places, Tirunelveli also possesses some exemplary Hindu temples as attractions and pilgrimages centres. Venkatachalapathy Temple, Sankaranainar Kovil, Allagammai Kashi Vishvanathar, Mundanthurai-Kalakad Wildlife Sanctuary, and Koonthankulam Bird Sanctuary are the prime attractions of the city. Tirunelveli involves five geological areas which comprise Kurinji (mountains), Marudham (paddy fields), Neithal (waterfront), Mullai (woodlands) and Palai (deserts).

Places to visit and things to do in Tirunelveli:

Venkatachalapathy Temple

Nellaiappar Temple Koil Trunelveli Tamilnadu

Venkatachalapathy Temple is a heavenly destination to visit in the city of Krishnapuram on Tirunelveli-Tiruchendur Road, Tamil Nadu. It is regarded as one of the well-known religious spots in the Tirunelveli city which is devoted to Lord Venkatachalapathy. It is believed that Lord Venkatachalapathy live in the Venkatachalapathy Temple and considered to be 9000 years old.

Kalakad Wildlife Sanctuary

Kalakadu Wildlife Sanctuary Trunelveli Tamilnadu India

Kalakad Wildlife Sanctuary is an amazing tourist destination in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. This wildlife sanctuary is lies at the height of 1,800 meters above the sea level at the Western Ghats and spread over the 895 sq. kms of land area. Kalakad Wildlife Sanctuary declared as a National Tiger Reserve in the year 1988 because of the habitat of Royal Bengal Tiger. This wildlife sanctuary also homes a macaque, Panthers, jackals, wilderness felines, cap macaque, regular langur, Nilgiri langur, mouse deer, spotted deer, mongoose and sloth bear and many more.

Kutrallam Falls

Aindharuvi Kutralam Waterfall Trunelveli Tamilnadu India

Kutrallam falls the most amazing place to visit in Tirunelveli. There are several waterfalls in Tirunelveli, and this waterfall is one of the biggest waterfalls. Kutrallam waterfall is known for its captivating and breathtaking scenic views and attracts the number of tourists. The best time to visit this place is from January to April.

Tirunelveli city is well-known for its amazing waterfalls and also known as the Spa of South India. Tirunelveli is the oldest city popular for several temples and is one of the most visiting places in the Tamil Nadu state of India. 

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