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Ponnani is an amazing town which is situated in the Malappuram district of Kerala, state of India. This town is mainly famous for its wonderful sandy beaches. Ponnani is the exotic combination of peace and charm. This small town is bounded by the Arabian Sea on the west side. Ponnani is marked with numerous Jama Masjid, Muslim institutions and is regarded as the small ‘Mecca’ of South India. Ponnani is a captivating city with an ideal blend of Hindu and Muslim cultures which makes this place culturally rich. Along with these places, it is a hub for fishing. This place is enriched with the abundance of flora and fauna.

Ponnani Lighthouse:


The Ponnani lighthouse is located near to the south bank of Bharathpuzha River. The river is intersecting with the Arabian Sea on the outside of Ponnani town. In 1937, a steel pole was raised to light oil wick light. Nowadays, there is a lighthouse adjoining the pole site. The lighthouse was constructed in the year of 1983 to give route to the ship.

Navamukunda Temple:


Navamukunda Temple is one of the beautiful pilgrimage sites to visit in Ponnani, Kerala. This temple is nestled in a small village Thirunavaya and on the banks of River Bharath. Navamukunda Temple is the oldest temple of excellent religious importance. This temple is devoted to Navamukhundan Vishnu. There are other statues present in the temple of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganapathy.



Bharathapuzha River is the second-longest river of Kerala and is another tourist attraction to explore in Ponnani. This river is also known as the Nila. Bharathapuzha is a beautiful river has come to showcase a culture-specific to Northern Kerala, over the years. This rive is believed to the growth of a culture different from Malabar and shows in the writings of several regional writers.

Padinharekara Beach:


Padinharekara Beach is the enchanting tourist attraction to visit in Ponnina. The changing colours of the sky and a long stretch of glowing sand make this beach an amazing destination to spend time with loved ones. Pandinharekara beach is located on the Tipu Sultan road at Malappuram. The primary attraction of this beach is the breathtaking view of the Arabian sea. Tirur puzha River and Bharathapuzha River.

Thrikkavu Temple:


Thrikkavu Temple is another perfect pilgrimage site to visit in Ponnani. It’s an ancient temple and vital pilgrimage centre of Kerala. This wonderful temple is dedicated to the Shri Durga Bhagavath. This temple is one of the 108 Durga temples in Kerala which formed by the Parshurama. Another name of this temple is Thikkani Kaadu. There is also an amazing lake present close to the temple.

Human Ath Mosque:


Human Ath Mosque is an excellent pilgrimage site, the massive mosques among the 50 great mosques in Ponnani, Kerala. This mosque is an ancient mosque which was constructed in the sixteenth century by Sheik Zainuddin Makhdoom. Makdoom is renowned in the whole country for his great contribution in writing the early history Muslim’s in Kerala.

Ponnani Fishing Harbor:


Ponnani Fishing harbour is an amazing and perfect place to explore in Ponnani. As the Ponnani is one of the major fishing centres in Kerala, therefore, it’s fishing harbour is comes under the tourist attraction which attracts the tourist. The Ponnani is enclosed by the Arabian Sea; that’s why it is the centre place for fishing.

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