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Right other than the ocean, the lovely Pondicherry – french capital of India, offers some stupendous vacation destinations. Known for its urban engineering style, Pondicherry is a standout amongst the most prevalent vacationer goal in South India.Pondicherry was the living arrangement of Sri Aurobindo (Indian flexibility contender), was established in 1926. It is one of the notable and well off ashrams of India. The ashram has one of the prime goals for sightseers and otherworldly seekers.

Pondicherry is totally staggering; as a matter of first importance it has some stunning shorelines, it’s the ideal mix of French and South Indian culture, not very salty not very sweet! In the event that it’s your first time here, there are a ton of spots to see in Pondicherry. In the wake of viewing a distinctive and bright dawn at the Auro shoreline, the time had come to encounter the Chunnambar backwaters sculling and Plage paradiso island likewise called heaven shoreline in Pondicherry.Plage Paradiso island or heaven shoreline is a disconnected shoreline from the fundamental land by the Chunnambar backwaters.

paradise-beach-pondicherry-indiaSand of the Paradise shoreline is delicate in nature, not at all like coarse sand of the Auroville shoreline. Accordingly making them an impeccable ground for games and having some good times. Be that as it may, the under streams at the shoreline are solid and it is not prudent to wander further into the ocean. The sand at the Plage paradiso shows up as a blend of brilliant reflection over shimmering sheet close to a turquoise water vessel. The clarity of the hues and the peace are a treat to our spirit.

The shoreline is genuinely heaven in sense that the water shading is truly blue; sand is brilliant and shimmering; Besides sands are additionally delicate; there is no surge or any indication of occupied city-life; there are tree at the far along the shoreline and they all in intersection make it a genuine heaven.

Spots to visit in Pondicherry:

Shri Aurobindo Ghosh Ashram:

shri-aurobindo-ghosh-ashram-pondicherryPondicherry was the living arrangement of Sri Aurobindo (Indian flexibility warrior), was established in 1926. It is one of the notable and well off ashrams of India. The ashram has one of the prime goals for visitors and profound seekers.The ashram has different departments to maintain its smooth functioning and to satisfy the basic needs of its members. Members engage in various activities in farms, libraries, gardens, and small-scale industries like handmade paper and printing press.


auroville-pondicherryThe name signifies ‘the city of Dawn’, established in 1968. It is a Universal town where men and ladies of any nation can live respectively to advance congruity and acknowledge human solidarity.Auroville is meant to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities.

Gingee Fort:

vailankanni-church-pondicherryGingee fortress is one of the best places to visit in Pondicherry. The Fort is pronounced as a National Monument in 1921. Aside from being a one of a kind engineering deed it is one of only a handful few fortifications in the State.

Sri Gokilambal Thirukameswar Temple:

It is prevalently known as the Villianur Temple. It has an enormous 15 meters tall sanctuary chariot that is typically taken out on a parade amid the Brahmotsavam, which is fundamentally the yearly celebration of Pondicherry.

Jawahar Toy Museum:

jawahar-toy-museum-pondicherryIt is a doll house which has more than 140 dolls brought from various Indian states. The Jawahar Toy Museum is arranged in the fundamental town, at the old beacon, which is close Gandhi Maidan. This historical center has a portion of the uncommon enriched dolls and toys.


sivaji-nagar-temple-pondicherryThis is the site of Roman settlements from over 2000 years back. Unearthings at this site have brought out wine containers, coins and megalithic entombment urns of Roman beginning. The zone was previously a clamoring Indo-Roman exchange focus. You will likewise discover the remaining parts of an eighteenth century French Jesuit Mission house here. What’s more, most likely, you’ll catch a few history and archaic exploration lovers around these parts.


botanical-garden-pondicherryPondicherry has the absolute most excellent extends of shoreline in Tamil Nadu or so far as that is concerned, the greater part of the east drift. Heaven shoreline and Auroville shoreline are the most prominent and must get things done in Pondicherry. Quietness shoreline is genuinely unique and Promenade shoreline is more to stroll and Promenade Road as the seawalls make it difficult to swim in.

Religious Places:

Pondicherry is an incredible religious blend with an overwhelming blend of Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. While the Manakula Vinayagar sanctuary is the most prevalent Hindu place of worship, there is likewise the Varadaraja Perumal, Vedapureeswarar, Kanniga Parameswari, Kamatchamman, Panchavatee and the freshest Pyramid Natraj sanctuaries. The places of worship incorporate that of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Capuchins, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of the Angels, Assumption and Saint Anthony’s Shrine.

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