Nagapattinam Tamil Nadu

Nagapattinam Tamil Nadu

Nagapattinam is a town situated in the Nagapattinam locale of Tamil Nadu. The town fills in as the locale central station. Situated on the eastern shore of the Indian promontory by the Bay of Bengal, the area developed in the wake of being veered from the Thanjavur locale. The town is situated at a separation of 270 km from Chennai. The place gets its name from the two words ‘Nagar’ which is utilized to allude to individuals having a place with Sri Lanka and ‘Pattinam’ which implies town. The town has been known by different names ever. Amid the run of the Cholas, the town was called Cholakula Vallipattinam. The place was alluded to as Nikam by Ptolemy. The Portuguese alluded to it as “The City of Coromandel”.

Kodikkarai-beachNagapattinam has constantly assumed an imperative part ever. The significance that this delightful port-town has appreciated in the illicit relationships of Tamil Nadu is a factor that has stayed steady in both the legislative issues and in addition the economy of Tamil Nadu even today. Reference to the locale goes back to the Sangam Era when the area was administered by the Cholas and the Pandyas. Various design glories of the time are instrumental in indicating out present day students of history of the part that Nagapattinam delighted in as a noteworthy power ever. Nagapattinam was additionally a critical focus of the tidal wave that hit the shore of peninsular India in 2005, a grievous occasion whose impact can in any case be seen today while on a visit to Nagapattinam.

Vacation spots:

Nellukadai Mariamman Koil:

nellukadai-mariamman-koilThis sanctuary is one of the well known sanctuaries introduce in Tamil Nadu. The sanctuary was worked by a rice broker and the sanctuary was worked according to the desires of Mariamman, who had showed up in his fantasy. Lovers, who visit the sanctuary consistently to offer petitions amid Thiruvizha, trust that some otherworldly powers do exist inside the sanctuary.

Kodikkarai shoreline:

kodikkarai-shorelineKodikkarai shoreline situated in Nagapattinam is flanked by Palk Straits toward the south and Bay of Bengal toward the east. Otherwise called Point Calimere, Kodikkarai shoreline gloats of a characteristic magnificence that leaves the guests entranced. The shoreline offers a wide assortment of greenery, in the midst of the wetland and mucky grounds.

The Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary, found near the shoreline is a noteworthy vacation destination here. Untamed life fans, nature sweethearts and winged creature watchers come here to encounter untamed life direct. Blue buck, semi wild horses, spotted deer, hat macaque and wild pig are spotted here, while flamingos, spoonbills, ibises and herons are a piece of the rich avifauna found here. Certain jeopardized reptile species like bog crocodiles, ocean turtle, snakes and featured tortoise can likewise be found here.

Soundaryaraja Perumal Temple:

Soundaryaraja Perumal TempleThis sanctuary is situated in the focal district of Nagapattinam and is well known for the mainstream occasion held by the name of Kumbabhishekam. The sanctuary devoted to Lord Vishnu has a long history behind its reality as the god here is known by the name of Soundaryarajan and is said to be simply the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The fundamental divinity of the sanctuary is Naagai Azhagiyar and the icons in the sanctuary are covered with gold and emerald stud. Locals trust that this sanctuary has a rich history,as it has been here for a long time. The premises of the sanctuary houses symbols of serpent divine beings by the name of Adisesha alongside his consorts.

Dutch Fort:

dutch-fortThe Dutch fortification situated at Tranquebar has a place with the seventeenth century and it is at a driving separation from the area of Nagapattinam. This fortification is a case of old Danish structure that was developed in the year 1620. Indeed, even today, this post is thought to be the finest of Danish engineering in India.

Archeological Museum depiction:

Archeological-Museum-depictionThis historical center is inside the Dutch Fort that has a place with the mid seventeenth century. This exhibition hall comprises of a portion of the uncommon old Danish engineering and works like compositions and engravings that are absent in some other piece of India. Both the fortress and the gallery are under the control and supervision of Archeological Department of Tamil Nadu and due to the current redesign, the historical center and the fortification both are in a decent condition. The historical center stays shut on all Fridays.

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