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The captivating backwater destination of Kumarakom is a little town that is a group of little islands on the Vembanad Lake in Kerela. Kumarakom reinforces Kerala’s notoriety for being God’s own particular nation with its inconceivably lovely mangrove woods, coconut forests and emerald green paddy fields blended with charming conduits and channels decorated with while lillies. It is a piece of the Kuttanad area, and the winged animal haven here spread crosswise over 14 sections of land of any ornithologist’s heaven.

This charming backwater destination offers guests numerous recreation alternatives. From meandering into the profundities of its untamed life asylum to cruising down the back waters and angling, Kumarakom is ideal for a sluggish and laid back occasion. The most ideal approach to watch the feathered creatures of the Kumarakom haven is a vessel trip round the islands, as many influencing verdant coconut palms covering the streams shelter brush the highest points of your heads. Kumarakom is a sample of nature getting it done in the fragrant blossoms, the uproar of multi hued winged creatures, the encompassing greenry and the unmistakable waters.

Vacationer Destinations in Kumarakom :

» The Vembanad Lake – The Vembanad Lake is one of the biggest crisp water lakes in Asia. It courses through the verdant terrains of Kerala and offers one of the best backwater travels. The vast majority of the widely varied vegetation in this locale thrives around this supply of new water. The lake additionally goes about as an adjusting tank against surges, and its lush banks, temptingly welcome a guest to investigate more. The water crafts that utilize on the lake shift from the expansive sewed body, load transporters with domed mat-rooftops to houseboats.

» The Water-fowl Sanctuary – A water-feathered creature haven lies at the edge of the grounds of an old domain where an abundance of a wide range of winged animals can be watched. Local winged creatures, for example, cuckoo, wild duck, egrets, darters, herons, greenish blue, and water fowl can be found in plenitude here, as much as can the Siberian storks which relocate to this region every year.

» Kottayam – Kumarakom is arranged 15 km from Kottayam on the Vembanad lake. This minimal backwater town is understood for its elastic estates. Christianity is the prevailing religion here and it is dabbed with really old places of worship. Reviving ayurvedic back rubs are accessible here. Thekkady, a noteworthy natural life focus lies 114 km from here, and Sabarimala, a Hindu explorer focus is another 134 km from Kottayam.

» Alappuzha – The charmingly unkept beach front town of Alappuzha, once in the past called Alleppey, lies close by. With its maze of channels, scaffolds, silver shorelines, and happy individuals it makes for a paramount occasion. Alappuzha is a ceaseless display of lavish green paddy fields, towering coconut trees, and long trenches that offers pleasant vessel travels to Kollam along the beautiful Vembanad Lake.

Water Sports in Kumarakom :

Kumarakom is best depicted as a pleasant clean town like most places in Kerala. It has of late turned into a favored traveler destination. Pontoon races, houseboat journey, kayaking and angling are a portion of the fundamental attractions of this basic spot. The colossal houseboats, generally known as the Kettuvalloms, are finished with lounge rooms, toilets, kitchen, overhang for calculating and it is conceivable to live on them for quite a long time together for a really novel ordeal. These Kettuvalloms are really renovated load canal boats made of wooden boards joined together by rope just, without utilizing nails by any stretch of the imagination.

Kumarakom lies in the area of Kuttanad, which is the rice dish of Kerala. Here cultivating is done underneath ocean level. The peace and tranquil, gnawing outside air and pristine way of life of the basic individuals of Kumarakom are a one of a kind and reviving knowledge that surpasses any cutting edge stimulation action or distraction.

Step by step instructions to Reach Kumarakom :

Channel at KumarakomThe closest airplane terminal is the Cochin International Airport, which is around 76 kms from Kottayam town. Kottayam is the closest railhead to Kumarakom, around 16 km away and gives a connection to every major citie in Kerala and India with various trains handling its course day by day. The closest transport terminal, is likewise at Kottayam.

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Essential Travel Information :

Kumarakom is situated on the Southern shore of India appreciates an all around adjusted tropical atmosphere. The neighborhood spring season rises up out of August and concurs with the harvest celebration of Onam. The most minimal and most elevated temperatures recorded are 16.10 C and 37.80 C. There is dependably a cool, new breeze, which makes even the hottest climate promptly pleasing. The South West storm is from ahead of schedule June to right on time August. Notwithstanding, slight sprinkles hold on till ahead of schedule November. Normal precipitation is 1100 mm for each year. The crest traveler season is from November to March.