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Kumarakom the beguiling emerald landmass bulging into the ever-bubbling Vembanad Lake takes you into the heart of the grand lake where you’ll run over a lot of customary nation specialties, pontoons and kayaks. The new water of the lake keeps running into the territory making a maze of tidal ponds, streams, channels and conduits. The backwater houses an assortment of types of both fauna and vegetation. They are rich with marine life in particular the selective ‘Kumarakom Karimeen’ (pearl spotted fish), Konju (tiger prawns), Njandu (crabs), Chemeen (prawns) and some more.

As the rainstorm winds convey rain to the shores of Vembanad Lake, the Kumarakom is changed into a rich ripe land. The streams, tidal ponds, rivulets break their banks and give food to springs and bushes that grow from each accessible space.

sree-kumaramangalam-templeWater feathered creatures, transitory fowls, mangrove shores and the prestigious fledgling asylum frame their specialty. The resorts adjacent offer agreeable convenience and restrictive relaxation alternatives like an Ayurvedic knead, yoga, contemplation, sculling, angling and swimming. The daring could enjoy water games, for example, windsailing and waterskiing. You could even take a kayak out into the very lakes and equipped with an angling pole, get your own dinner. Ensure you don’t pass up a great opportunity for Karimeen and crisp hard stuff, the most loved new water sustenance and the nearby wine.

♥♥ spots to visit in Kumarakom:

⇒  Vembanad Lake:

vembanad-lake-kumarakomVembanad Lake is the biggest lake in Kerala. It is India’s longest lake as well as the boundless territory of water keeps running from Kochi in north to Alleppey in south. It is also called Vembanad Kayal. It welcomes transient flying creatures from all parts of the world. It is a juncture of three streams. To investigate Kumarakom, you could procure a houseboat and sail the extend of water. The little islands around and the quiet air will be superb. The lake is rich in marine animals with more than 150 various types of fish in the waters.

⇒  Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls:

aruvikkuzhi-waterfalls-kumarakomAruvikkuzhi waterfalls is found 18 km from Kottayam. The more than 100 feet high water falls is a renowned cookout spot. It falls in five stages and it is a perfect area to be shot. Situated in the midst of elastic estates, the wooden scene and the streams streaming down make the place a standout amongst the most pleasant waterfalls. In the event that you want to trek, you can have a still more noteworthy time here. However another fascination here is the St. Mary’s Church, which is situated at the highest point of Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls.

⇒  Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary:

kumarakom-bird-sanctuaryThe 14 section of land flying creature haven is the most loved spot for transient winged animals from all parts of the world. It is arranged on the banks of Vembanad Lake. The winged creature asylum houses an extensive variety of fowls including cuckoo, water duck, owl, kingfishers, woodpeckers and egret. The transitory winged animals that draw in consideration incorporate Siberian cranes, greenish blue, wood creepy crawly and some more. It is a birdwatchers’ heaven and you could make best utilization of your visit to this place by contracting houseboats and speedboats.

⇒  Kumarakom Beach:

kumarakom-houseboat-keralaYour decision of goal to unwind on your vacation is totally legitimized here. The sandy shores and the quiet beach front lines make the place an immaculate spot for a recreation walk. You could loosen up and watch the magnificence of the place that conveys quiet to your psyche or go hard and fast to appreciate the different donning exercises accessible here. You could go swimming, sailing, wind surfing, skiing and parasailing. You could go on a houseboat voyage to investigate the shoreline to make the most of its exciting excellence. The resorts around here offer Ayurvedic back rubs and spa medicines.

⇒  Kumarakom Backwaters:

kumarakom-backwatersKumarakom backwaters is a beautiful place where you can appreciate the joy of nature. It is home to an extensive variety of plants and creatures. The most ideal approach to appreciate the excellence of Kumarakom backwaters is to go on a houseboat that takes you through different waterways, lakes and stream around here. The houseboats offer you the most ideal offices you requirement for an agreeable excursion on water. Be an aloof admirer by cruising along or enjoy different water games, for example, skiing and wind cruising. You could get fortunate on the off chance that you endeavor at angling.

⇒  Straight Island Driftwood Museum:

Cove Island Driftwood Museum houses novel accumulations of articles made of driftwood. The driftwood articles are profoundly esteemed as cutting edge craftsmanship procedures have been utilized as a part of their making. The figures found here are made of driftwood that were saved on the shores of Andaman and Nicobar. The turned trunks of the trees, roots and stumps were changed into figures. A few figures take after creatures, fish and feathered creatures. Some driftwood articles could be hundreds of years old as a portion of the trees that were washed away to the seashore attributable to typhoons are antiquated.

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