Kollam or Quilon In Kerala

Kollam or Quilon In Kerala

Kollam or Quilon is an amazing place situated in the exotic state of India, Kerala. Kollam is one of the ancient ports in the Arabian Sea. Previously the Kollam was a main trading hub of India that saw Arab, Chinese, Roman, and after than Portuguese, British and Dutch merchants. This place is well-known for its cashew, coir, and backwaters. Kollam is the center of India’s cashew trading industry. The beautiful city is nestled on the banks Ashtamudi Lake. The people from across the world visit to experience the beauty of the enchanting backwaters of Kerala. The Kollam and Alappuzha are the two famous backwater of Kerala.



Punalur is one of the popular tourist attractions in Kollam. The Panalur is nestled along the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the district of Kollam. This place gets its name from the two words one Tamil and Malayalam. The Tamil word ‘punal’ signifies the water, and the Malayalam word ‘ooru means place collectively making Punalurthe place of water. This place is also known as the “Pepper village of Kerala,” and along with this also the homes of major paper mill founded in the year of 1850s.

Thevally Palace In Kollam:


Thevally Palace in Kollam is an amazing attraction. This palace is situated on the banks of the Ashtamudi Lake. It was developed amid the rule of Gauri Parvathi Bai, from 1811 to 1819. This royal residence was catered as the home of Maharaja of Travancore. This beautiful palace has been developed in English, Portuguese, and Dutch design styles, and this is the striking feature of the palace.



Thangassery is situated only 5 km far from the main town of Kollam. This place is one of the authentic destinations of the Kollam District. This place has a few old houses of worship, established in the eighteenth century. Thangassery is an amazing town has a series of churches and forts that attracts the number of peoples.

Mahatma Gandhi Park:


Mahatma Gandhi Beach Park is situated at Kochupilamoodu. This town is only 2 km far from Kollam city. Mahatma Gandhi beach and the park is well-known for the picnic destination among locals and tourists. This amazing beach park was introduced in the year of 1961 and provided the perfect location to spend time.

Ashtamudi Lake:


Ashtamudi Lake the most wonderful place to visit in Kollam, Kerala. This lake is also known as the entrance to the backwaters of Kerala. Astamudi Lake is one of the biggest and most intense wetland biological systems in Kerala. The Kallada River is the primary river streaming into this lake. Before integrating into the Arabian Sea, each and every passage of Ashtamudi meet at the Neendakara Estuary.

Palaruvi Waterfalls:


Palaruvi Waterfalls is situated at Palaruvi close to the Aryankavu on the Kollam-Shencottah Road. The best time to visit this place is between the times of June and January. The height of this wonderful waterfall is around 300 ft. This waterfall is one of the excellent places to explore in Kerala.

The Quilon Beach Hotel:


This beach hotel is lying on Kollam Beach. The Quilon beach hotel is the best place to stay in Kollam and only 1.9 km from Kollam Junction Railway station and 4 km from Thevally Palace. This hotel offers amazing facilities to its guests. The Quilon Beach Hotel is finished with luxurious rooms with the best amenities. Along with this, the hotel servers delicious food to guests.

Neendakara Port:


Neendakara Port is the best port to visit in Kollam. This port is just 8 km far from the Kollam town, is considered as the major hub for fishing. This place is also the headquarters of the Indo-Norwegian Fisheries Community Project that was started in the year of 1953.

Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary:


Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the Kollam-Shencottah Road in the Kollam District. This Wildlife Sanctuary is nestled 66 km far from the main city of Kollam. This wildlife sanctuary is the home of several endangered animals. In this sanctuary, the animals live as per their natural habitation. Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary was founded in the year of 1984 and spread over the 172.403 Square kilometers of land area. This is the best place to spend time and explore various flora and fauna.

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