Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu

Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu

Kodaikanal is the amazing city situated in the Tamil Nadu state of India. This city is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations to visit in India. Kodaikanal is a lakeside resort town of Tamil Nadu and has an enchanting climate, waterfalls, mist-covered manicured ridge that come together to form the perfect setting for an ideal entrance. Kodaikanal signifies the gift of the forests. This beautiful town is located among the slopes of the Palani hills. This town is nestled at the height of 7200 feet above the sea level. Kodaikanal is the best place to spend a vacation with your loved ones.

Kodaikanal Lake:


Kodaikanal lake is one of the perfect places to explore in Kodaikanal town, Tamil Nadu. This lake is the man-made artificial lake, which is also known as the Kodai lake. Kodaikanal lake was established by the British and former missionaries from the USASA. This lake is the star shape, and it’s a major specialty of this lake. Kodaikanal Lakis enclosed by the lush green vegetation of the Palani Hills. This lake is nestled at the height of 2285 m above the sea level.

The Pine Forest:

the pine-forest-india

The Pine Forest is located in the southwest of Kodaikanal town. This wonderful forest is one of the popular tourist attractions to visit in Kodaikanal city. The Pine Forest was established by Mr. Bryant in Kodaikanal in the year of 1906. It represents the stunning view of nature. The pine forest is not a destination with captivating views but also an ideal for unrolling and long walks.

Coaker’s Walk:


Coaker’s Walk is one of the best tourist attractions to explore in Kodaikanal town, Tamil Nadu. This place was set up in the year of 1872, has been named after Lt. Coaker. Coaker’s Walk is nestled on the southern slope of this excellent hill station. This wonderful place is a heaven for nature admirers and peace lovers. Coaker’s Walk is located 1 km away from the lake of Kodaikanal; this place is well-known for its long winding ways, woodlands and blossoms exhibit.

Kurinji Temple:


Kurinji Temple is the best pilgrimage site in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. This temple is nestled 3 km far from the railway station. Another name of the Kurinji temple is Kurinji Andavar Temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan. Kurinji temple was established in the year 1936 and surrounded by amazing scenic views.

Bryant Park:


Bryant Park is one of the excellent tourist attractions to visit in Kodaikanal city. This wonderful park is situated on the eastern side of ‘The Lake.’ Bryant Park was established in the year of 1980 by a British Army Officer, Glenn Bryant. This park is well-known for its unique varieties of beautiful and mesmerizing flowers.

Dolphin’s Nose:


Dolphin’s Nose is another destination to explore in the Kodaikanal town of Tamil Nadu. This place is nestled at the height of 6,600 ft, above the sea level. Dolphin’s Nose is located 8 km away from the main city of Kodaikanal. This is the enchanting hill station of Kodaikanal situated in the Palani Hills.

Green Valley:


Green Valley View is situated around 5.5 km far from the Kodaikanal Lake. This is the destination from where visitors can appreciate the excellent views of the Vaigai Dam. The green valley was previously known as Suicide. The valley is nestled at the height of around 5,000 ft above the sea level, and the perfect time to make a visit to this valley is between 10 am and 3 pm.

Pillar Rocks:


Pillar Rocks is the most enchanting destination to explore in Kodaikanal town. This beautiful place is nestled in the Princess of Hill stations. Pillar rock is a well-known lovely picnic spot. This destination comprises the lush green vegetation and scenic views of hills and attracts the huge number of people from across the world. The Pillar rocks are popular for offering the bird’s views of nearby enclosing.

Christ the King Church:


Christ, the King Church, is a beautiful pilgrimage place of worship. This Church is situated near to the Coakers Walk in Kodaikanal town. Christ the Church was constructed by the American Madurai Mission in the year of 1895. Previously this Church is known as the Union Church. This Church is popular among the tourist and must-visit place in the city.

Silver Cascade Falls:


Silver Cascade Falls is another perfect tourist attraction to visit in Kodaikanal. The falls created as a result of the overflowing of the popular Kodai Lake, the artificial man-made. This palace is an ideal destination to explore during a long road drive. People can also swim in the water of these waterfalls offered at the right temperature.

Kudos Mountain Hotel:


Kudos Mountain hotel is the best place to stay in Kodaikanal town. The Kudos Mountain Hotel and Resort provides an open area to set while in Kodaikanal. It is in a perfect place for visitors who want to visit nearby attractions. This hotel provides the luxury room facilities to its guest and, along with this, offers the mouth-watering food.

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