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Kannur, all the more famously known as Cannanore, is a northern area in Kerala acclaimed for its energetic culture and rich legacy. Imparting its outskirts to the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea, the locale shows copious normal magnificence and social customs. Amid old circumstances, this region was a social, religious and also a business center of Malabar locale.

kannur-indiaKannur owes its throbbing society to a few realms that competed to make this domain a residence their energy. The historical backdrop of the place goes back to the scriptural circumstances as the boats of King Solomon are accepted to have been moored on the shores of Kannur. The long trail of intrusions by the Dutch, the Portuguese, the Mysore sultanate and the British molded the historical backdrop of the district in marvelous degrees.

Spots to Visit at Kannur:

Payyambalam Beach, Kannur:

payyambalam-beach-kannurThe Payyambalam Beach is a prevalent shoreline situated close to the town of Kannur. This shoreline contains the mortal stays of a few celebrated identities like writer Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai, A.K. Gopalan and the previous Chief Minister of Kerala, E. K. Nayanar.

One of the prime attractions of this shoreline is a model by the renowned artist, Kanayi Kunjiraman, which depicts a mother and tyke.


parassinikkadavu-kannur-keralaParassinikkadavu is a little town arranged 16 km far from Kannur. The Snake Park is the most unmistakable fascination of this town. This stop was built up with rationing and protecting different noxious and non-harmful snakes. The recreation center has around 15 glass cases, 3 wind pits and 2 substantial glass houses for safeguarding of lord cobras.

The Muthappan Temple, arranged on the shores of Valapattanam River, is another fascination. Ruler Muthappan, one of the types of Lord Vishnu, is the directing divinity of this sanctuary.

Another fascination of this town is the Vismaya Water Theme Park, oversaw. The electric swing, virtual waterfall, mammoth haggle are a portion of the fundamental rides of this water stop.

Pazhassi Dam, Kannur:

pazhassi-dam-kannurThe Pazhassi Dam, worked over the Valapattanam River, was introduced by Morarji Desai, the previous Prime Minister of India. Sailing is a famous movement in the supply of this dam. The Children’s Park, Sculpture of Pazhassi King and Buddha’s Mountain are a portion of the well known attractions situated close to the dam.

Dharmadam Island:

dharmadam-island-kannur-keralaDharmadam Island, otherwise called the Green Island and Dharmapattanam, is a well known fascination close Kannur. This island can be seen from the adjacent Muzhappilangad Beach.

Pythal Mala, Kannur:

pythal-mala-kannurPythal Mala is a celebrated slope station found 4500 ft above ocean level. This slope station can be come to through a trail, which is around 6 km long. As this locale has changed types of verdure, the specialists are wanting to set up a zoo here. The vestiges of the Palace of Vaithalkon, who was a tribal lord, can be seen from this slope station.

Different attractions of this slope station are waterfalls and the town of Kappimala. Kudiyanmala town, situated around 6 km from Pythal Mala, can likewise be gone by.


pappinisseri-kannur-keralaMoonu Pettumma Palli is a celebrated mosque which is situated in the town of Pappinisseri. Prevalently known as Kattile Palli, the mosque is prominent for its Kattile Palli Nercha celebration.

Aaron church, Shree Vadeswaram Shiva sanctuary of Aroli Village and Keecheri Paalottu Kavuis Temple are the other significant fascination of the town.

Madayipara, Kannur:

madayipara-kannur-keralaMadayipara filled in as the managerial focus amid the rule of the Ezhimala rulers. The remains of a post called Pazhi Kotta can be seen from the site. This fortress is well known for its watch towers at the corners.During the rule of the leaders of Kolathunadu, this verifiable site filled in as the place for crowning liturgy function. The Vadukunda Shiva Temple and the abutting lake are a portion of alternate attractions close to the site.

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