Kannur Kerala India

Kannur Kerala India

Kannur is one of the beautiful place situated on the Malabar Coast of Kerala. This place is also known as Cannanore. Kannur is well-known for several sightseeing choices such as monuments, beaches, picnic spots, and ancient temples. This place is known as the Land of Looms and Lores. Kannur is the massive city in North Malabar. This place is popular for temple festivals and Communist politics.


This place is the perfect destination for tourists. The deep footprint of the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Mysore Sultanate, and the British are still guzzled into this beautiful town. It’s beautiful temples, exquisite beaches, and wonderful wildlife sanctuaries attract the number of visitors throughout the year. Kannur is renowned for its local work of art, “Theyyam.” This enchanting art form plays an essential role in the culture of this Northern Kerala district.


Spots to Visit at Kannur:

Watch Theyyam:


Kerala is the land of rich cultures and always filled with numerous dance forms. Theyyam is a famous dance ritual form in North Kerala. It is a celebration of devotion and divinity that’s renewed every year and celebrated with robustness. Theyyam is an incredible festival played through a melange of dance, drama, music, and mime. The formal dance form is complement by the ideal harmony of a chorus of musical instruments such as Kurumkuzal, Veekkuchenda, Elathalam, and Chenda. Theyyam is mainly played during the months between December and April in the definite temples of North Kerala.

Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach:


Muzhappilangad beach is the beautiful beach situated in Kannur. This drive-in beach is referred to as one of the longest drive-in beaches in the whole of India and also one of the cleanest beaches of Kannur. This wonderful beach attracts several tourists throughout the year. It is found 15 km away from Kannur, situated parallel to National Highway 17 [NH-17] combine Kannur town and Thalassery. Power Boating, Paragliding, Parasailing, water don, and different courageous and fun activities are the main attractions of Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach.

Kavvayi Backwaters:


Kavvayi is situated near to the Payyannur, the group of small islands, and another backwater hotspot in Kerala. This backwater is the combination of five rivers such as River Kavvayi and its tributary rivers Kuppithodu, Kankol, Vannathichal, and Kuniyan. In North Kerala, these backwaters create massive wetlands with an area of around 37 square kilometers. Kavvayi backwaters is one of the most attractive and enchanting tourist attraction to visit in Kannur. The original name of this island is Kavvil Pattanam, and it renamed by Sir William Hogan, who was the district collector of the area.

Pythal Mala:


Pythal Mala is the captivating and breathtaking hill station situated in the Kannur, Kerala. This hill station lies at the height of 4500 feet above the sea level. The Pythal Mala is the tallest spot in the region of Kannur and well-known for the trekking destination for all nature admirers. This hill station is famous for its waterfalls, scenic views, and endemic species. Pythal Mala is also known as the Paithlmala. Monsson and summers are the best time to explore this beautiful place. 



Parassinikkadavu is a town well-known for its Parassinikkadavu Snake Park and Muthappan Temple. The Muthappan temple, dedicated to Shri Muthappan, is the –major Hindu temple in the state which observer a Theyyam implementation day by day as per the custom. Along with the Parassinikkadavu snake park is considered as one of the best snake sanctuaries of Asia. This park is preeminent reptile preservation centers in India and only one in Kerala.

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