Gulbarga Karnataka

Gulbarga Karnataka

Gulbarga is a city in the Indian condition of Karnataka, India. It is the regulatory central station of the Gulbarga District and a noteworthy city of the North Karnataka area. Kalaburgi is 623 km north of the state capital of Bangalore and 220 km from Hyderabad. Already it was the piece of Hyderabad State, it was fused into a recently framed Mysore State (now known as Karnataka) through the States Reorganization Act in 1956.

Sannati In Gulbarga:


Sannati is a little town arranged on the shores of the Bhima River in Chitapur Taluk. The Chandrala Parameshwari Temple, situated in the town, is famous among sightseers. Numerous unearthings have been finished by the Archeological Survey of India, here. Different figures, tablets and earthenware things have been found in the exhuming. This place is popular for the disclosure of an antiquated Buddhist Mahastupa. The Karnataka Government endeavors to set up the town as an International Buddhist Center.

Gulbarga Fort:


Gulbarga Fort is developed in Islamic style of design, by a feudatory of the Orangal Kakatiyas, Raja Gulchand. It is trusted that the post was strengthened by Alauddin Bahman, after Gulbarga turned into the capital of the Bahmani Dynasty. The premises of the post incorporate various old structures, mosques, sanctuaries and stables. There are different structures, similar to towers and ammo dumps, exhibit inside the post.

Koranti Hanuman Temple:


Koranti Hanuman Temple is a relatively recently manufactured sanctuary, sanctified in 1957. The sanctuary is implicit a striking Hindu design style and is devoted to Lord Hanuman the relentless monkey god. The sanctuary is renowned for its huge symbol of ruler hanuman that pulls in a few vacationers and fans to this site.

Deval Ghanagapur:


Deval Ghanagapur Village is arranged in the Afzalpur Taluk. This town is well known for the Nirgun Math Temple and Kalleshwar Temple. Sangam, otherwise called the Sangam Kshetra, is a conspicuous vacation destination close to the juncture of two waterways, Bhima and Amarja.

Sharana Basaveshwara Temple:


Sharana Basaveshwara Temple is situated in the antiquated town of Kalburgi. This sanctuary is accepted to be committed to the Hindu thinker and religious educator, Shri Sharana Basaveshwara. He was a Lingayat holy person and was known for Dasoha and Kayaka logic of ‘giving is winning’.

Chandrampalli Dam:


Chandrampalli Dam is arranged in Chandrampalli Village and is built on River Bhima. There is an island adjacent, where exercises like outdoors and trekking are appreciated by sightseers. The Hanuman Temple on the bordering slope, can be come to by climbing a flight of steps.

Gulbarga Lake:


Gulbarga was hit with starvation amid the fag end of eighteenth Century. His blessedness Lord Shri Sharanabasaveshwara stepped up, assembled every one of the ranchers and built in developing this lake. It was rest and help to the general population in this fruitless land.

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