Cuddalore Tamil Nadu

Cuddalore Tamil Nadu

Cuddalore is a city which is the central station of the Cuddalore District in the south Indian province of Tamil Nadu. Researchers trust the name Cuddalore is gotten from Koodalur, which means intersection in Tamil. While the early history of Cuddalore stays indistinct, the town initially rose to noticeable quality amid the rule of Pallavas and Medieval Cholas. After the fall of Cholas, the town was governed by different lines like Pandyas, Vijayanagar Empire, Madurai Nayaks, Thanjavur Nayaks, Thajavur Marathas, Tipu Sultan, French and the British Empire. Cuddalore was the scene of Seven Years’ War and the Battle of Cuddalore in 1758 between the French and British. It has been a piece of free India since 1947.

Natrajar Temple:


Natrajar Temple is committed to Lord Shiva Nataraja and Lord Govindaraja Perumal and is spread more than 40 sections of land of land. The sanctuary exhibits the Dravidian style of design and has wonderful models engraved on the dividers. It additionally has a gopuram, out of which the east gopuram is the most established. One of the real attractions of the sanctuary is the Hall of Dance. The sanctuary was reproduced by the Pallava lord, Simhavarman.

Cuddalore Power Plant:


The task is providing energy to India’s energy starved Southern Region through the IL&FS Tamil Nadu Power Company Ltd (ITPCL), which houses the 3,840 MW imported coal-based warm power plant in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu.

Pichavaram Mangrove Forest:


Pichavaram Mangrove Forest, which is situated in Pichavaram in the Cuddalore District, is the second biggest Mangrove woodland on the planet. It is arranged around 14 km from Chidambaram and involves 177 types of flying creatures having a place with 41 families and 15 orders. Voyagers can spot neighborhood, inhabitants, genuine transients and vagrant winged animals in this backwoods including watersnips, egrets, herons, cormorants, pelicans and others.

Padaleeswarar Temple:


Padaleeswarar Temple, which is committed to Lord Shiva, who was likewise named as Padaleeswarar, is arranged in Cuddalore. This sanctuary was worked amid the medieval Chola and Pallava periods. It is trusted that Saivism was received by the Saivite holy person Appar at this sanctuary.

Cuddalore Boating:


The Pichavaram mangroves are 8km Before Chidambaram while driving from Pondicherry. The thruway was under repair few km previously, then after the fact Cuddalore and was shocking. The street condition here was great. Takes around 1.5 hours to cover the 67 km from Pondy. You can purchase tickets from the Tourism dept. Cost is Rs. 120 for 1 hour on the dinghy which is very prescribed.

Silver Beach:


Silver Beach, in Devanampattinam, is arranged in the eastern side of Cuddalore and is gone by various voyagers. The shoreline gives visitors a chance to enjoy different exercises, for example, horse riding and sailing. In addition, the shoreline additionally houses a boat storage and a youngsters’ play zone. It is the second long shoreline on Coromandel Coast and is thought to be one of the longest ocean shorelines in Asia.

Fort St. David:


Fort St. David, situated in the town of Cuddalore, was a British Fort. This post was purchased from the Marathas in 1690 by the British East India Company. The post turned into the British home office for Southern India in 1746, and in 1756, Robert Clive was the legislative head of Fort St. David. Voyagers can visit this site and can witness the remnants of stronghold on the Gadilam River.

Ocean Port:


Ocean Port is situated at the conjunction of Paravanar and Gadilam waterways, which is otherwise called Cuddalore Port. Different boats grapple in the mid stream at a separation of around 1.6 km from the shore and the freight is released and stacked through lighters.

Hotel Suriyapriya:


Lodging Suriyapriya offers settlement in Cuddalore. Free WiFi is accessible and free private stopping is accessible on location. Each room incorporates a level screen TV. The rooms have a private restroom furnished with a shower. Pondicherry is 21 km from Hotel Suriyapriya, while Chidambaram is 41 km from the property. Puducherry Airport is 24 km away.

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