Coonoor Tamil Nadu

Coonoor Tamil Nadu

Coonoor is a beautiful and captivating hill station in the Tamil Nadu state of India. It is the second-largest hill station of the Western Ghats. Coonoor is nestled just 19 km far from Ooty and at the height of 1930 meters above the sea level. The amazing hill station enclosed with the hill and tea plantations and also has many tourist attractions to explore. The weather in this place is chilly during the year. For summer retreat, Coonoor is one of the best places in south India. This hill station is an enchanted location to have a splendid view of the Catherine Falls and Nilgiri Hills.

Coonoor Hill Station:

coonoor hill station india

Coonoor hill station is one of the most mesmerizing and spectacular hill stations to visit in southern India. This beautiful hill station attracts the large number of tourists to experience its beauty and charm. It is a dreamy destination for its rich manicured hills, lush green vegetation amazing sceneries, and colonial culture. There are several things to do in the Coonoor Hill station, such as Indulge in a joyride, take a trek, have a family picnic, and many more. Coonoor also has some guesthouses, and estate homes admit the hills that’s best for a gateway and vacation.

Dolphins Nose Coonoor:

dolphins nose coonoor india

Dolphin’s Nose is a famous tourist destination in Coonoor, which is named after a stone looking like the Dolphin’s Nose. It is nestled at a distance of 12 km far from the main town of Coonoor adjacent Tiger Hills. The Dolphins Nose is considered as a must to visit place in a Coonoor. This place is well-known to offer the most splendid view of not only the Nilgiri Hills but also the Catherine Falls.

Laws Falls Coonoor:

laws falls coonoor india

Laws Falls is one of the amazing places to explore in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu. The beautiful falls are just 5 km far from the town of Coonoor. Laws Falls is a perfect destination for a summer hike, for a picnic, and landscape photography. The falls are enclosed by lush green forest, and the place is best for kids to play across. Laws Falls is nestled at the height of 180 ft and on the Mettupalayam-Coonoor-Ooty route. This is a lovely destination for the nature admirer as well as children.

Ralliah Dam Coonoor:

ralliah dam coonoor india

Ralliah Dam is also the fantastic destination to visit in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu. This place is situated just 9 km from the main town of Coonoor on the Wellington road. The Ralliah Dam is a wonderful destination for trekking between the forest. This dam is the oldest and offering water to the locals of Coonoor. Ralliah Dam is one of the most beautiful and quaint dams. The water of this dam is turquoise in color, and it shines in the sun. The best time to explore the dam is during sunrise and sunset. If you are looking for peace and serenity, then Ralliah Dam is the best place for you to explore.

Nagarajar Temple Manjakombai:

nagarajar temple manjakombai india

Nagarajan Temple is an amazing Hindu pilgrimage site, Manjakombai village Kundah Taluk close to the Ooty hill Station in splendid Nilgiris Hills of Tamil Nadu. The God in this temple is considered powerful. The beautiful temple nestled in a serene location enclosed by fresh air, which forms the amazing atmosphere for meditation and worship. This temple is dedicated to the Lord Nagaraja and Goddess Heddhai Amman. There is also a separate statue in this temple dedicated to Goddess Saanthanalakshmi.

Lake In Coonoor:

lake in coonoor india

Wellington Lake is also a wonderful tourist attraction to explore in a visit to Coonoor, Tamil Nadu. This lake is surrounded by stunning mountains, colorful boats, vibrant flowers, pleasant atmosphere, and fresh chilling breeze. Wellington lake is the second largest lake in the Tamil Nadu area and has splendid views with sky-high trees. Apart from the serene beauty and peaceful views, Wellington Lake provides numerous things to do.

Nilgiri Mountain Railway:

nilgiri mountain railway india

With several things to do in Coonoor, a ride on the toy train is also an amazing thing to do. The toy train rides are maybe the most exciting and interesting thing to do when visiting the Indian hill stations. Nilgiri Mountain Railway provides the splendid views of the valley and snakes through narrow passages, inside dark tunnels, and over wonderful bridges.

Wellington Golf Club Coonoor:

wellington gymkhana club coonoor india

Wellington Golf Course is one oldest golf clubs in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu. This gold club is situated amid the lush green vegetation, scenic tea gardens, and hills. Wellington golf club is recognized to some of the top-notch golf clubs around the country, peddling the old world charm of the British days. This golf course is a famous destination for the film crew. There are some film shots at various locations of the golf club.

Hotel In Coonoor:

hotel in coonoor india

The Hotel in Coonoor are best to stay and spend holidays. There are many amazing hotels in Coonoor that offer the finest and luxury services to their guests. The options comprise the Bella Vista, The Blossom Guests House, Hotel Bison County, Hotel Blue Hills, The Gateway Hotel, and many more. All these hotels in Coonoor provide the best rooms to their guests, along with all the basic requirements. To get the best accommodations, it is essential to arrange before visiting the place.

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