Chittoor Andhra Pradesh

Chittoor Andhra Pradesh

Chittoor area is a locale in Rayalaseema district of the Indian territory of Andhra Pradesh. The region home office is situated at Chittoor. It has a populace of 4,170,468 as per 2011 evaluation of India. Chittoor locale has many significant sanctuaries including Tirupati, Kanipakam and Sri Kalahasti sanctuaries. It lies in the Poini stream valley of southernmost Andhra Pradesh along the Chennai – Bangalore area Chennai-Mumbai parkway. It is a noteworthy market place for mangoes, grains, sugarcane, and peanuts.

Guntipalle Chittoor:


Guntipalle is a town situated at 18 km from Chittoor. It is arranged on Chitoor-Penumuru street, which is at the separation of 4 km from Penumuru town. This town is gone to by travelers to detect the acclaimed vacation spot, the stone column. Known as Puligunda, truly meaning Tiger Hill, which is situated at a tallness of 213.36 m.

Sri Venkateswara Temple:


Sri Venkateswara Temple or Tirupati Balaji Temple is one of the old sanctuaries in Chittoor region. The sanctuary is committed to Lord Venkateswara, who is famously known by the names, Balaji, Govinda, Srinivasa, Venkitarama and Venkateswara. The directing god of the sanctuary is one of the types of Lord Vishnu.

Resort In Chittoor:


Including extravagance suites and premium estates on a huge scene, Reva offers extensive convenience with boutique plant space. It unequivocally comments itself as a quiet nature resort and emerges for its quietness and security, separating itself as a noteworthy occasion home. Every estate is supplemented by its own particular garden and a private overhang that neglects the alangalang housetops.



Gurramkonda is a slope fortress town between Bangalore parkway and Cuddapah in Chittoor locale. The normal rise of this verifiable place is 2,125 ft. The significant highlight of this town is the Gurramkonda Fort. It is a lovely building structure existing in the town and is around 500 years of age.

Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary:


Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary is arranged at Palamaner, around 60 km from Chittoor. The haven is encompassed by valleys and slopes and is spread in a range of 358 sq. km. This place is a home for expansive number of elephants, which has relocated from close-by woodland zones.

Sri Lakshmi Narayana Swamy Temple:


Sri Lakshmi Narayana Swamy Temple in Vepanjeri Village is arranged around 15 km from Chittoor. The managing divinities in the sanctuary are Lakshmi, Lord Srimannarayana, Sri Lakshmi Narayana and his associate, Sri Lakshmi Ammavaru.

Church In Chittoor:


Christians from Alexandria were the first to arrive in Andhra Pradesh at Machilipatnam, a port town in the initial couple of hundreds of years of the primary centuries. The ascent of Christianity however came to fruition amid the British Raj and holy places from that time exist everywhere throughout the state. The vast number of houses of worship all finished Andhra is evidence of the tranquil conjunction of Christianity alongside Islam and Hinduism and demonstrates the genuine mainstream nature and profound development of the rulers and the ruled.

Nagari Chittoor:


Nagari is a semi-agrarian and semi-industrialized city, arranged on the bank of waterway Kusasthali. This place is famous for Nagari slopes and has many entrenched material ventures and various sanctuaries. Visitors visit this place for excursion, undertaking and mountaineering exercises that has bit by bit turned out to be mainstream voyager’s goal.



Ramagiri is a town in Pitchatur Mandal, couple of kilometers from Chittoor locale. This place is otherwise called Bhairava Kshethra, which means Lord Bhairava home. It is famous among visitors because of the presence of old sanctuaries.

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