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Bijapur authoritatively known as Vijayapura,is the area home office of Bijapur District of Karnataka state. It is additionally the home office for Bijapur Taluka. Bijapur city is outstanding for its authentic landmarks of structural significance worked amid the lead of the Adil Shahi line. Bijapur is found 530 km northwest of the State Capital Bengaluru and around 550 km from Mumbai, and 384 km west of the city of Hyderabad. Bijapur urban populace according to 2011 statistics is 326,000, maybe the ninth greatest city in Karnataka. The other existing city organizations in Karnataka state in diving request of populace are Bengaluru, Hubballi-Dharawada, Mysuru, Kalaburgi, Belagavi, Mangaluru, Davangere and Ballari.

kudalasangama-indiaKudalasangama Bijapur:

Kudalasangama, around 800 years of age, is a journey community for the general population of the Lingayath confidence. It is arranged on the intersection of the Krishna River and Ghataprabha River, which additionally streams towards Srisaila, considered as a journey focus in Andhra Pradesh.

gol-gumbaz-bijapur-indiaGol Gumbaz Bijapur:

Gol Gumbaz is the sepulcher of Muhammad Adil Shah, who managed the Adil Shahi tradition in the vicinity of 1490 and 1696. It was composed and built by the renowned worldwide draftsman, Yaqut of Dabul, under the support of Muhammed Adil Shah. This vault, which is around 124 ft in measurement and stands unsupported by columns, is considered as the second biggest on the planet.

jod-gumbaz-indiaJod Gumbaz:

Jod Gumbaz, twin domed tombs, were implicit memory of Khan Muhammad and Abdul Razzaq Qadiri. Arranged close Mecca Gate, these tombs are likewise alluded to as ‘Two Sisters’. For offering help to the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb to vanquish the youthful Adil Shahi head Sikandar, both Khan Muhammad and Abdul Razzaq Qadiri were considered backstabbers. The structure was implicit 1687 and is otherwise called the Dargah of Abdul Razzaq Qadiri.

almatti-dam-bijapur-indiaAlmatti Dam Bijapur:

Almatti Dam is arranged on the Krishna River in Bijapur District. It is a basic supply of the Upper Krishna Project, planned to give water system to the dry season inclined ranges of Bijapur, Bagalkot, Gulbarga, Raichur and Koppal. Development of this dam was finished in July 2005 and it has a yearly vitality outline of 713 million units.


Malik-e-Maidan, considered as one of the biggest chime metal weapons on the planet, is arranged around 3 km far from Bijapur District. Importance of the word ‘Malik-e-Maidan’ is ‘The Monarch of the Plains’. It was implicit 1549 by Ali Adil Shah I and was considered as a war trophy.

It is 4.45 meters in length, has a distance across of 1.5 meters and weighs 55 tons. The gun is perched on top of the Sherzah Burj confronting west towards the fields outside the city. This gun was encompassed by a darbar corridor and numerous imperial living arrangements of the Adil rulers.

bara-kaman-bijapur-indiaBara Kaman:

Bara Kaman is the fragmented catacomb of Ali Adil Shah II in Bijapur, Karnataka. Ali Adil Shah, leader of the Adil Shahi Dynasty, needed to assemble a tomb of remarkable quality. As indicated by the arrangement, twelve curves were to be set vertically and on a level plane around the tomb.

taj-bawadi-indiaTaj Bawadi:

Taj Bawadi is committed to the first spouse of Ibrahim Adil Shah II, Taj Sultana. In its front lies a curve encompassed by two octagonal towers. The east and west wings of the towers shape rest houses. Arranged around 1.5 km far from the area of Bijapur, the 223 ft square well is 52 ft profound.

bijaipur-castle-indiaBijaipur Castle:

Bijaipur Castle, going back to the sixteenth century, is arranged beside an untamed life haven. This natural life haven is home to panthers, wild pig, blue bulls, reptiles, monkeys and deer. This manor was worked by Maharana Pratap’s more youthful sibling, Rao Shakti Singh. Inverse the stronghold lies a legacy lodging, which is kept up by the imperial family.

gagan-mahal-indiaGagan Mahal:

Gagan Mahal, worked by Ali Adil Shah I of Adil Shahi Dynasty in 1561, frames a piece of the acclaimed Citadel. It is utilized as a royal residence cum-group of onlookers lobby. The focal curve of Gagan Mahal is the tallest and broadest among all the curves found in Bijapur. For the most part in vestiges, the structure is presently some portion of a lovely stop, which is arranged around 1.9 km far from Bijapur District.

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