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Agatti Island Beach Resort exhibits a stunning scene of shimmering coral reefs, turquoise blue tidal ponds, shiny shorelines and rich green coconut palms. Here time stops in the hypnotizing excellence of a virgin nature. It is one of world’s most marvelous tropical islands untouched by the visitor surge.

The emerald green unspoiled palm clad islands of Agatti; the long white shorelines; the multi-tinted shallow, tranquil tidal pond with its horde life shapes; the precious stone surf framed by waves striking the reef and the dark blue of the Arabian ocean are all galas to the eye and an affair that will endure forever. Maybe it is one of the not very many spots where all shades of blue, green and white are available.

scuba-diving-at-agatti-islandTruth be told, the islands and the coral reefs are so differed in its physical structure and appearance that no two would resemble the other alike. The quietness and the peace is an enchanting knowledge that guarantees complete restoration to the body, psyche and soul.

boating-at-agatti-island-keralaNo measure of depiction can clarify the real magnificence of this heaven. It resemble finding something past creative energy. The resort is situated in the most peaceful spot of the island which is one of the world’s most terrific tropical islands. Swimming or paddling or making a plunge remote ocean or shallow tidal pond, seeing the submerged world in glass bottomed vessel or going by a uninhabited island-never is there a minute which is not exciting or vital.

agatti-island-keralaThe hosts of the resort are inviting, all around mannered and will take care of the visitors’ needs in a flash. The gathering is inherent conventional and neighborhood style. The normal exchange time from the Agatti Airport is a two moment walk. There is a particular eatery at the shoreline resort. Visitors are served mainland, Chinese and neighborhood cooking. Jain sustenance is additionally served at the eatery.

resort-of-agatti-islandVisitors are given the choice of indoor or outside feasting.Extraordinary game plans are made for visitors who wish to have the nourishment outside, outside, under the cool shade of the tall coconut trees. Also, grill are masterminded visitors who get fish from the tidal pond.

Being a goal that has been opened to the world as of late, Agatti is dissimilar to whatever other traveler spot. The nearby individuals, unaccustomed to outsiders, are inquisitively amicable. The rich neighborhood custom that has been unbroken for a considerable length of time can be seen in all its unique grandness.

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