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The Kota formerly known as Kotah, twenty fifth largest district in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan. Kota is situated on the banks of Chambal River. Kota is famous for coaching hub of the India, competitive examination preparations and has a number of engineering and medical coaching institutes. It is also called “Education City” of India. It is forty Seventh most populous city of India. Kota was the part of the erstwhile Rajput kingdom of Bundi. It became a separate princely state in the 17th century. Kota is famous for its palaces and gardens.

The History of The Kota Rajasthan

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The history of The Kota in back dates to the twelveth century A.D., when the Hada Chieftain, Rao Deva, conquered the territory and founded Bundi and Hadoti. Later in the seventh century A.D., during The Govern of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. The King of Bundi – Rao Ratan Singh, gave the smaller principality of The Kota to his son ‘Madho Singh’. Since then Kota became a hallmark of the Rajput’s gallantry and culture. Zalim Singh, an ambassador and statesman emerged as another prominent figure of the state in the eighteenth century. From a General of The Kota armed force he raised to wind up Regent of the kingdom after the king passed away, leaving a minor on the throne. He remained a direct administrator of The Kota. In 1817, he marked an arrangement of fellowship with British on the condition that a different state will be cut out of Kota for his own particular relatives.

Expressive Culture of Kota Rajasthan

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The Kota is blessed with a rich cultural heritage. Festivals are celebrated throughout the year. The popular ones include the Kite Festival. Pushkar Camel Fair and Nagaur Fair. Dussehra is one of the major festivals of Rajasthan and in Kota, it is celebrated with great splendor and opulence. Lakshmi Puja is also celebrated in a grand manner and the entire Kota lights up during Diwali. There usually is a fair and Drama of The Ramayana will be performing on a stage. Kota is known for textile weaving, striking handicrafts, distilleries, daily dairy products, oilseed and cotton milling.

Places To Visit in Kota Rajasthan


There are a lot of interesting places that one can visit while traveling to Kota. Some of the places.

  1. Garadia Mahadev Temple
  2. 7 Wonders
  3. Kishore Sagar
  4. Gaipernath Waterfall
  5. Kota Barrage
  6. Chambal Garden
  7. Kotah Garh City Palace
  8. Jag Mandir
  9. Hanging Bridge
  10. Mukandra Hills Tiger Reserve Office kota
  11. Khade Ganesh Ji
  12. Ahluwalia’s The Great Mall of Kota

Best Time To Visit Kota Rajasthan

Kota experiences semi arid climate with soaring temperatures throughout the year. The best time to visit Kota, is during the months of October to March. The summers of Kota is the longest stretching from late march and continuing till June. The monsoon season that follows has much comfortable temperature, with considerably higher humidity and frequent heavy showers July to August.

How to Reach Kota Rajasthan

By Air: The nearest Airport to reach Kota is the Sanganer Airport Jaipur.

By Train: Kota is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular trains. Kota Junction is main railway station

By Road: Kota is well connected to major cities of India by road.