Deeg Town Rajasthan

Deeg Town Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the famous states in India, which is well known for the amazing tourist’s attractions and Deeg town is one of them. Deeg town is popular for the huge forts and enchanting monuments encircled by beautiful lakes. The lake in this town are still the main source of water. Deeg is the small town in the state of Rajasthan and situated in the close locality to the city of Bharatpur, which is only 34 kilometres away from Deeg. This town is established in the 18th century by Maharaja Suraj Mahal. The Deeg town was catered as the summer resort to the royal family.

Havelis In Deeg:


From the late 17th and 18th century Deeg has numerous havelis. These havelis in Deeg are massively inclined by the Mughal designs and architecture. Many havelis in Deeg town are constructed in marble and follow a typical design. All the havelis in Deeg town were put to use by the Jaat empire. These oldest buildings have been a spectator to several vital decisions of history. Some of the popular havelis in the Deeg are Kishan Bhawan, Nand Bhawan, Suraj Bhawan, Hardev Bhawan, and Kesav Bhawan.

Keshov Bhavan Deeg:


Keshav Bhavan is an amazing haveli situated in the Deeg town of Rajasthan. This Haveli is surrounded with a massive garden. Keshav Bhavan Deeg is the tranquil and peaceful destination to visit in Deeg Town. In this Haveli, the design of the pillars is characteristics of Rajput architecture and obtained from Mughal palaces. 

Deeg Fort:


The Deeg fort is one of the best destinations to visit in Deeg town. This Fort was constructed in the style of Mughal design. The Deeg fort was established in the year of 1772; this enchanting Fort was built deliberately here because of the accessibility with Agra. In the year of 1730, Raja Suraj Mal instructed the erection of a fortress around the Fort. In the one side of the Fort has Roop Sagar while the other side of the Fort has Gobind Sagar and both of them help to bring down the temperature of the Fort.

Bharatpur Sanctuary:


Bharatpur sanctuary is another amazing place to visit. The Bharatpur 34 km away from the Deeg, only the half an hour ride from the Deeg town. This place is well-known for the bird’s sanctuary. On the winter times you may get a chance to see the many rare species of the birds. This bird sanctuary is the home to 230 species of the birds and declared as the World Heritage site.

Gopal Bhavan:


Gopal Bhawan is one of the most enchanting palace in the whole palace complex. This palace was established by the Suraj Mal. Gopal Bhawan is the major tourist attraction in the Deeg town. The reflection of this palace in the encircled water gives it a captivating atmosphere. The Gopal Bhawan has an amazing and impressive interior with a palanquin roof and a breathtaking view of the char bagh.

Hotels In Deeg:


Deeg town has a few luxury and lavish hotels for spending the holidays. If you are looking to go there then best time to visit in between the month of September. Before going there book the hotel for your convenience. The hotels in Deeg town offers the amazing facilities to their guests whether it is rooms or food. The hotels serves the mouth-watering food to guests.

Suraj Bhavan:


Suraj Bhawan is one of the captivating Fort in the palace complex. This beautiful Bhawan was established by the Raja Suraj Mal. This massive palace has a verandah with five curved openings and corners rooms on every side. This palace is another fascinating destination to visit in Deeg town. The Suraj Bhawan is constructed with the buff sandstone on which the white marble was wrapped subsequently.

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