Banswara Rajasthan

Banswara Rajasthan

Banswara is one of the beautiful city situated in south Rajasthan, state of India. The city of Banswara was established by Maharaval Jagmal Singh. This place gets its name from “bans” or bamboo forest in the region. Banswara is also known as the “ CherrPoonji of Rajasthan” and “City of Hundred Islands” because of the several islands on the Mahi River which flow from Banswara and the high rainfall in this place. This Beautiful city previously a princely state ruled by the Maharavals. During British India, the Banswara was a Rajput feudatory state in Rajputana. The Banswara is the greenest city of Rajasthan with several best tourist spots to visit.

Chacha Kota:


In the backwater of Mahi Dam, there is an enchanting and captivating destination, which is known as Chacha Kota. This beautiful place is 14 Kms away from the city of Banswara. The way to deal with the destination is similarly enchanting with Baitalaab and Kalpvriksha Lake descending on the roadside while in travelling to Chachakota. The green slopes, the sea shoreline like sight with “water all around” as long as one can see. The lush green vegetation, high rising enclosing hills, the waterfalls, and zigzag roads collectively give the feeling of being in Switzerland.

Brahma Ji Temple Cheech:


The Brahma Ji Temple is one of the popular Hindu pilgrimage sites on the Banswara in the Chinch Village, Rajasthan. This temple was established in the 12th century. This beautiful temple is dedicated to the Lord Brahma Ji; there is a statue of Lord Brahma inside the temple. The statue of Brahma ji is very outstanding for its carving beauty. The Brahma ji Temple is very rare and commonly not found anywhere.

Mahi Dam:


Mahi Dam is one of the best tourist attractions to visit in Banswara. The height of the amazing Mahi dam is 3.10 Kms. This dam has to transform out to be an excellent source of economic and agricultural development of the city and the salvation of the Banswara district. In the Udaipur division, the Mahi dam is the biggest water reservoir. This Dam is nestled in the middle of high stand up hills 18 km northeast of the city headquarters.

Tripura Sundari:


Tripura Sundari is an ancient and amazing temple situated on the Banswara Dungarpur road close to the Talwar, Rajasthan. This temple is the most famous place of pilgrimage in the area. It is believed by the people that this temple is existing even before the period of Kanishka. However, this temple is timely renovated by the Panchal Community. The main attraction of this temple is the charismatic and astonishing black stone statue of the Goddess. There are small statues of 64 Yoginis and 52 Bhairwas around the main statue.

Diablab Lake:


Diablab Lake is one of the perfect spots to explore in Banswara city of Rajasthan. This enchanting lake is situated within a kilometer from the district of Banswara. Dialab lake is the best place for nature admirers and peace lovers. This captivating lake is enclosed by the vibrant lotus flowers. Previously this place is served as the major summer resort to the rulers of Banswara.

Hotel Nakshatra, Banswara:


Hotel Nakshatra is the best place to stay in Banswara. This hotel is only a two-hour drive from Ratlam Junction. The hotel Nakshatra in Banswara offers amazing facilities to its guest. This hotel is finished with 20 luxurious rooms and mouth-watering cuisine facilities. Area: Situated on Udaipur-Dungarpur Link Road, Hotel Nakshatra is effortlessly available from Banswara Bus Stand (3 km) and Old Bus Depot (2 km).

Kagdi Pick Up Weir:


Kagdi Pick-Up is situated 3 km far from Ratlam road. This place is another amazing attraction is Banswara and is one of the real vacation destinations in Banswara. This vacation spot highlights excellent greenery enclosures, wellsprings, and water extending over the immense land. The Kagdi Lake and the beautiful garden on the side make this destination worth visiting. Several migratory birds made the lake their playground, mainly in the rainy season. This is the wonderful place for the bird watcher, and there is an enchanting view of sunrise and sunset.

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