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One of the slightest investigated destinations in the nation, Zanskar, situated in the Ladakh area of Jammu and Kashmir, 105 km from Leh, and is just available amongst April and August. The picturesque perspectives of the snow-topped Himalayan range and shining blue waterways make it a flawless occasion destination.

Arranged in the Himalayan reach, Zanskar is prevalent with enterprise addicts. A hotspot for trekking, paragliding and waterway rafting, Lamayuru to Darcha and Lamayuru-Padum are a portion of the well known trekking trails that go around Zanskar. Treks to Markha Valley and Khangri start from Zanskar. An extraordinary trek that offered here is one on solidified water.

Lodging a substantial populace of Tibetan Buddhists, the day by day life of Zanskar rotates around ministers and Buddhist cloisters. While local people by and large talk in Zanskari, they are additionally conversant in Hindi, Ladakhi and Urdu. Some of them additionally talk in Tibetan and English.

Zongkhul, on the Padum-Kistwar trekking trail is celebrated for its excellent cavern religious communities and is one of the greatest vacation spots in Zanskar. Home to the Gelukpa ministers, the Stongdey cloister, the second biggest Buddhist sanctuary in Zanskar is another vacationer top choice.

The Drang-Drung Glacier is one of the greatest ice sheets of the nation and offers pleasant perspectives of the snow-topped Himalayan crests. A twisting stream of ice, the icy mass can be seen from Pensi La and the trek to it from Padum is one each trekker worth his salt must take. Mentors and paragliding gear are accessible in Zanskar.

A standout amongst the most difficult canyons on the planet, rafting in the Zanskar stream is a risky yet an energizing movement. Rafting stumbles on this course can take up to 12 days and outdoors on the banks of the stream during the evening is just about as energizing as the rafting itself. Be that as it may, following the water in the waterway is quite often chilly, it is prudent to wear a wet suit while rafting.

Zanskar doesn’t have excessively numerous shopping alternatives yet the Pashmina and Kashmiri, the crafted works and silk floor coverings are the most popular traveler purchases.


Zanskar has no settlement choices and travelers set up their own tents when they visit Zanskar. Some likewise like to stay in adjacent territories like Padum and Leh where there are traveler buildings and a few other settlement choices like inns, resorts and visitor houses taking into account spending plan, mid-extent and extravagance.


While neighborhood shops offering breakfast and snacks are scattered all around the villa, there are a ton of inns serving Chinese and Tibetan cooking and however these eateries serve just restricted alternatives as far as assortment, the sustenance is greatly delectable. Inns and cabins have their own particular in-house eateries that serve Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and Continental cooking.