Suryauday Haveli Varanasi

Suryauday Haveli Varanasi

Suryauday Haveli of Banaras is the reflection of this holy city culture and history. The Holy Family of Nepal established it to provide for you the best ghat experience at Banaras. Your stay starts with boat riding at the Banaras Ghats. The roads and lanes connect the Haveli from the famous Kashi Vishwanath Temple.


There are many temples, Muths and Ashrams in Varanasi which is otherwise called Kashi. Kashi word begins from the term ‘Kash’ which refers to Shine. Kashi is the first land made by Shiva and Shakti. Hindu culture and tradition believe in births and rebirths. Banaras is the direct gateway to Librations.


Hindu Mythology believes in the concept of divinity. Varanasi presents a unique mixture of physical and supernatural elements. Varanasi gives peace and freedom to our soul from the human body. Varanasi is the land of experiences and discovery. It is rich in music arts and crafts and education. Varanasi is famous for its banarasi silk sarees, and silk Brocades.


Varanasi is also known for Hindu culture and popular pilgrimage spots. Varanasi has been the center of education of mysticism, spiritualism, and philosophy. Varanasi celebrates festivals and fairs all around the year. The festival atmosphere never ends at Varanasi, many cultural and traditional ‘melas’ and Fairs celebrated at Varanasi.

Best Ghat Experience:


The Ganga Ghat of Varanasi is the holiest spot of Varanasi. All ghats are always filled with travelers all over the year. There are many beautifully photogenic ghats in this region. The ancient and famous ghats in this region are Dashashwamedh, Manikarnika, Harishchandra, and others. Dashashwamedh Ghat is one of the oldest ghat while Manikarnika Ghat, recognized as a burning ghat, this the last stop of many Hindus.

Celebration Festivals:


Hindu belives that one, who passes on and is incremated at Varanasi, gets freedom from the rebirth cycle. There is not a single month which goes by without celebrating some kind of festival in Varanasi. Each month you will find amazing festivals to visit here like Kumbh Mela, Navratris, Durga Puja, and Chhat Puja. Many travelers from around the world come here to join the Holi festival. Many people believe that God comes to Varanasi to celebrate the festivals. The Ganga Ghats are decorated with sparkling and beautiful Lights of Lamps and Colorful Rangoli.

Art and Culture:


Varanasi, also known as the Social capital of India because of its architecture and diverse, vibrant culture. It is an Indian historical center of craftsmen and culture. Varanasi is famous for its beautiful Sarees , toys, metal work, music, woodwork, and different artworks. Every year people play the Ramlila drama to display the Story of Rama.


Banaras ruled in the art and culture through over the centuries, the Maharaja of Banaras Shri Ishwari Narayan Singh took the art form in high Level. He is very fond of art and motivates many artists for making paintings and Sculpture.



Varanasi is the best center of Indian culture, Ayurveda and yoga. Yoga is a perfect way to balance your life, mind, and thoughts. Yoga can be learned by doing the physical exercise and the breathing exercise called as pranayama. There are many Ashrams and Muths for Yoga practice.

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