Pithoragarh Town Uttarakhand

Pithoragarh Town Uttarakhand

Pithoragarh is a beautiful town in the Uttarakhand state of India. This wonderful town is the easternmost district of Uttarakhand in north India enclosed by Tibet to the north and Nepal to the east. Pithoragarh is famous for its splendid natural beauty and it extremely known as the “Little Kashmir”. This town is nestled at the height of 1645 meters above the sea level. Pithoragarh town is a historical landmark, and it was a primary centre of power throughout the regime of the Chand Kings in Kumaon. It is a small district which was carved out of the Almora district in the state of Uttarakhand.

Hill Station In Pithoragarh:


The Pithoragarh hill station nestled in a wonderful Soar valley and enclosed by Nepal and Tibet. This hill station offers an amazing experiences unforgettable trip. The River Kali flowing through the town is beautifully adorned with splendid temples, forts and villages, natural resources and lush green forests. This hill station attracts several tourists from across the world. The Pithoragarh hill station is town is the northern gateway to the Himalayas and offer a way to the significant pilgrimage spots of Kailash and Om Parvat and the sacred lake Mansarovar.

Gangolihat Pithoragarh:


Gangolihat is one of the best places to visit in Pithoragarh. This place is specifically popular for hosting the Shakti Peethas of Goddess Kali. It is a very tiny town which is nestled close to the primary attractions such as Binsar, Abbott Mount, Patal Bhubaneshwar. Gangolihat is popular for several other temples that are spread across this small town. This destination lies at the height of 1800 meters above sea level.



Munisiyari is also the best place located in the Uttarakhand state of India. The city provides the captivating views of snow-capped mountains and lush green vegetation. Munisiyari is lying 2298 above the sea level. It is a hill station and nestled at the foothills of the great Himalayan mountain range. Munisiyari is situated in Pithoragarh; the area is a heaven for the nature lovers and adventure seekers. Munisiyari is the fast-developing destination for skiing and other winter activities.

Askot Sanctuary:


Askot sanctuary is the finest place to explore in Pithoragarh. This sanctuary is a paradise for botany enthusiast and wildlife lovers. Askot sanctuary comprises the extreme variety of flora and fauna. This wildlife sanctuary is nestled as the height 5412 m and at a distance of 54km from Pithoragarh. Askot sanctuary is surrounded by lush green vegetation and gorgeous views.

Arjuneswar Temple:


Arjuneswar Temple is one of the fabulous pilgrimage sites in Pithoragarh. The temple of Arjuneswar is located at a distance of 10 kms toward the west of Pithoragarh town. Arjuneswar temple is nestled at the height of 6000 ft and is come to by trekking or by the street convince the best. It is trusted that the temple is constructed by Arjuna of the Pandavas. The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva.

Nagmandir of Berinag Village:


Nagmandir of Berinag is an enchanting religious place in to explore in Pithoragarh. The Nagmandir of Berinag, situated at a distance of 1 km from Pithoragarh, near to the Berinag town. This temple is a snake temple surrounded by the trees and ravines. It is trusted by the people that in the 14th century the Pants of Maharashtra came here to settle down and they saw several colourful snakes in this place.

Meghna Restaurant:


Meghna Restaurant is one of the best eating points in Pithoragarh town of Uttarakhand. The Meghna Restaurant provides excellent services to its guest. This hotel serves the mouth-watering food to its guest. The Meghna Restaurant offers the captivating views of lush green vegetation and snow-capped mountains from its rooms. This amazing restaurant is nestled at the beautiful location in Chandak and lie at the height of 1000 feet over the Pithoragarh valley.

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