Patiala Punjab

Patiala Punjab

Patiala is one of the famous city in the Punjab state of India. This city of Punjab was once a princely state set up under Baba Ala Singh, a Jaat Sikh chieftain. Patiala is highly popular for its traditional Patiala Shahi turban, the Patiala Salwar, the Paranda, the Punjabi Jutti, the Paranda, and the favorite amid all, the Patiala Peg. This city was a part of Sirhind throughout the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughals. Patiala is the executive capital of the Patiala district and the fourth largest city in Punjab. This city is nestled across the Qila Mubarak established by the Sidhu Jat chieftain Ala Singh who set up the royal dynasty of Patiala State in the year of 1763.

Baradari Garden:


Baradari Garden is one of the perfect places to visit in Patiala. This garden is situated in the north of Old Patiala city close to the Sheranwala Gate, which is constructed throughout the rule of Maharaja Rajinder Singh. Baradari Garden houses numerous rare trees, flowers, and shrubs. Along with this, there are also the presence of colonial buildings. In Baradari Garden, there is also a statue of Maharaja Rajinder Singh.

Patiala River:


The Ghaggar River is a beautiful river in the Patiala District. This river flows only throughout the monsoon season. Ghaggar River is an irregular river in India and Pakistan. This river emerged in the Dagshai village of Shivalik Hills of Himachal Pradesh, which lies at the height of 1,927 meters above sea level. The Ghaggar River flows through Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan.

Sheesh Mahal:


Sheesh Mahal, is one of the amazing places to explore in Patiala. This palace actually signifies the Palace of Mirrors. Sheesh Mahal, was set up in the 19th century as a segment of the Old Moti Bagh Palace. There are many enchanting designs in the palace, and all are made under the rule of Maharaja Narinder Singh. There is a beautiful lake in front of this amazing palace with a bridge which is known as the Lakshman Jhula.

Darbar Hall & Museum:


Darbar Hall and Museum is another best place to visit in Patiala. This hall and Museum is located on Bypass Road, which is far from the central Patiala. Darbar Hall and Museum house the cannons, swords, and other artillery from the wartime. This Museum is the best place to explore art and history admirer. In this Museum, you can explore the numerous architectural wonders which are present in the unique portion of the Darbar Hall and Museum.

The Qila Mubarak:


Qila Mubarak is also a perfect place to explore in Patiala. This is a beautiful rampart fort cum palace established in Sikh Palace. Qila Mubarak is designed in the Mughal and Rajput architectural style. This palace was set up in the year of 1764 under the sponsorship of Maharaja Ala Singh. This complex of this palace comprises Darbar Hall, Ran Bass, and Qila Androon.

Deer Park:


Deer Park is an enchanting place to visit in Patiala. The deer park is located on Dakala road. This park is the 5-6 kms far from the main city. There is also a small fee to visit this deer park. Except Saturdays Deer park is open on all days. The best time to visit this park is amid sunrise and sunset. The deer park houses the long water body, lush green vegetation, and shady trees of several varieties. It is the best place for the peace lover and nature admirer.

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