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Nubra Valley is one of the MUST VISIT places in Ladakh particularly in the event that you are going to interestingly. Nubra Valley is among the sub-regions in Ladakh, situated in North East side having Diskit Village as the its primary base camp. Diskit is arranged around 120 odd KMs from Leh town which is the fundamental capital of Ladakh region. The Shyok waterway, a tributary of Indus stream, meets the Nubra or Siachen waterway to frame a huge valley that isolates the Ladakh and Karakorum Ranges. The ultra wide scenes, humongous mountain confronts, exquisite trails, wide assortment of hues and musical Shyok stream streaming middle the valley will blow your mind at first sight.

Shanti-Stupa-Nubra-Valley LadakhThe real fascination of an excursion to Nubra Valley is going over the alleged or built up, most elevated motorable street, Khardung La Pass Being at lower height than Leh at a normal height of 10000 Feet or 3048 Mtrs, Nubra Valley is a perfect spot to fit into the acclimatization calendar of your Ladakh trip once you achieve Leh. Moving to high elevation of Khardung La from Leh and after that resting at low height of Nubra Valley DOES HELP colossally in acclimatization. Along these lines, aside from the heavenly vistas on offer, Nubra Valley has a concealed preferred standpoint regarding acclimatization also which will in the long run help your trek more effective. No big surprise, in the event that you are absent on this a player in Ladakh on your trek, you are verging on passing up a major opportunity for the heart of the Ladakh trip.

Nubra Valley Hills LadakhTo achieve Nubra valley, you will need to cross the dazzling Khardung La, the most elevated motorable go on the planet. Twisting channels of the Shyok and Nubra Rivers jumble the wide and level Nubra valley. From a separation, the valley appears to be dry and dry. Be that as it may, the valley principally comprises of prime homestead land. No big surprise then that the valley has earned the sobriquet Orchard of Ladakh.

It is not simply grand characteristic magnificence of Nubra which draws in travelers. The valley is dominatingly Buddhist and gloats of a few focuses of Buddhist learning. Ensa, Samstemling, Diskit and Hunder religious community are renowned Buddhist cloisters.

Lord Buddha at Nubra Valley LadakhThe frosty desert amongst Diskit and Hundur are another fascination for sightseers. Travelers throng the cool desert to watch the sand rises and for joyrides on the Bactrian camels. Local to the steppes of focal Asia, the Bactrian camel has two mounds, rather than the single-bumped camels found in Rajasthan and different parts of India. The Bactrian camels, discovered just in Hunder, were the principle method of transport when Ladakh was an imperative stopover on the old exchange courses with Central Asia.

Bactrian camels are a pointer to the areas significance since antiquated times. A noteworthy stopover on the old Silk Route, Nubra is still imperative as it is a noteworthy exchange community for woolen materials made of Pashmina fleece and agricultural products. Local people produce organic products like apples, walnuts, apricots, almonds and staple harvests like wheat, grain, and so forth.

Spots to visit in Nubra Valley – Ladakh

Traditional Peoples of LadakhYou can visit taking after spots in Nubra Valley and might be I will attempt to clarify them in subtle element in some other article just to keep up the quickness of this article.


Diskit has a religious community which is biggest and most established Buddhist cloister in Nubra Valley and houses a 106 feet tall Maitrey Buddha statue. There is Lachung Temple too which is very near religious community.


Hunder is renowned for its sand ridges and twofold bumped bacterian camel safari.


Somewhere amongst Sumur and Kyagar, you can visit Samstanling religious community.


Nubra-Valley-Sand-Dunes LadakhIt has boiling hot water springs and a consecrated Yarab Tso lake adjacent the passage of the town.


Recently opened for voyagers in 2010, Turtuk offers a vastly different scene and social introduction than rest of the Nubra Valley. You can see apricot trees stacked around the whole town with perspectives nearer to Karakorum range. In the event that you have time, a MUST VISIT place in Nubra Valley.

Nourishment Joints close Nubra Valley – Ladakh

Nubra Valley LadakhMore often than not you will eat out in Hotels or Camps or Guest Houses or Home stays you will sit tight. Be that as it may, there are dhabhas or eating joints at Khalsar and Khardung towns where individuals by and large stop for lunch while in transit to or from Leh.


It is an incredible spot to visit and I am certain in the event that you visit Ladakh, this one without a doubt is not the spot you might want to prohibit from your arrangement. I trust the above data will be valuable for your forthcoming Leh – Ladakh trip.

If it’s not too much trouble don’t hesitate to post any inquiries or questions you may have in arranging your outing to Nubra Valley place in the remarks segment beneath. In the event that you have been to Nubra Valley, generously share your considerations and other data you may feel will be worth offering to other kindred voyagers and demonstrate accommodating to them.

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