Markha-Valley-Trek Ladakh

Markha-Valley-Trek Ladakh

The Markha Valley Trek is a standout amongst the most well known treks in Ladakh, and all things considered as well. There are unfathomable sights and strange shake arrangements, ageless towns, blanketed mountains and delightful Buddhist gompas. The Markha Valley trek is in no way, shape or form a simple one, there are two goes of 4900 m or higher to arrange, combined with a probability of snowfall in the higher ranges, notwithstanding when the passes are trekkable.

sangam pass markha valley indiaThe wonderful Markha Valley runs parallel with the Indus on the far southern side of the blanketed Stok Kangri massif. The trek goes through developed valley floors, undulating high-height prairies and snow-inclined passes; it is a trekkers charm for it bears a look into the Ladakhi past with the greater part of it at elevations of under 4000 m.

The Markha Valley is wedged between the Stok Kangri range toward the north and the Zanskar crests toward the south. It is additionally known for being a ‘tea house trek’ where one can expect settlement in parachute tents or homestays at the greater part of the towns enroute.

spituk gompa markha valley indiaIt is workable for a sensibly fit solo trekker to finish the trek without a watchman and a guide, and as a rule there is little need to convey nourishment or cooking utensils.

The Markha Valley Trek covers some remote human settlements like Rumbak town took after by Yurutse and Markha that leave the travelers think about the rich indigenous culture of the Indo-Tibetans. One may likewise live get an opportunity to appreciate a home remain in one of these remote towns. Encourage the trekking trail in Ladakh locale likewise lead your way up to the hallowed places like Lhatos and Mani before entering the Markha town. The voyage winds and trails up to the Kongmaru La at 5100 meter, wherefrom one can catch the dynamite perspective of the lumbering high Kang Yatze Peak and the Tibetan fringe.

trekking markha valley ladakh indiaThe conventional Markha Valley Trek starts from Spituk and heads up to Ganda La on the way Zingchen and from that point to Skiu, which is a detached town and houses an old religious community and remains of an old stronghold that was before a rest stop for the Royal family on their approach to Srinagar. From Skiu, the tracks prompt to Markha and in this way to Shang Sumdo through Kongmaru La.

Subsequent to having acclimatized in Leh, the time has come to start the trek. The Markha Valley trek customarily began at Spituk, yet nowadays a motorable street has made it conceivable to start at Zingchen (Jingchan).

village markha valley indiaThe Spituk Gompa enroute is a standout amongst the most noticeable religious communities of the Gelug-dad (the Yellow Hat organization) in Ladakh. Climbing the stairs and moving around the religious community is a decent approach to begin the physical action and get the appendages moving; it additionally helps in acclimatization.

In the wake of intersection Spituk, the valley straightens out and mists glide restful, guaranteeing epic unparalleled scenes now and again to the extent the Phyang Village with the fifteenth century Phyang Monastery sticking to a hillock. The perspectives along the Indus waterway are eminent while driving from Spituk to Zingchen, as the stream advances through a thin canyon.

walks markha valley trek indiaThere are heaps of apricot trees around the campground, which is in shade among the tall poplars. At approx 3500 m, Zingchen lies exactly at the base of a climb and is a decent approach to get used to the wild of the trek that will turn out to be significantly more remote as the days pass. Zingchen’s vicinity to Leh likewise gives the chance to hasten and purchase any necessities that may have been overlooked before.

green trek markha valley indiaOn the Ganda La, there are perfect all encompassing perspectives of the Ladakh go furthermore the Zanskar go with a full exhibit of snow-topped pinnacles of the Himalayas. Fill your water bottles at the crisp water streams before Ganda La as there is no water source between Ganda La and Shingo town.

The plummet from Ganda La is sharp in the first place and goes through marmot nation on our way down. Three hours of an unfaltering descending walk yields us to the lovely town of Shingo (4150 m) with a parachute bistro and a modest bunch of houses.

rest trek ladakh indiaRemaining at one of the homestays is conceivable in the lovely mud places of Shingo Village, parachute tents or at the campground that is a kilometer in front of the town. Following day, you can exit Stok Valley and enter Markha Valley.

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