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Kurukshetra is a city in the condition of Haryana, India. It is otherwise called Dharmakshetra . As indicated by the Puranas, Kurukshetra is an area named in the wake of King Kuru, the predecessor of Kauravas and Pandavas, as portrayed in epic Mahabharata. The significance of the place is ascribed to the way that the Kurukshetra War of the Mahabharata was battled on this land and the Bhagavad Gita was lectured here amid the war when Lord Krishna discovered Arjuna in a repulsive issue. The number of inhabitants in Kurukshetra was 964,655 in 2016.



Brahmasarovar is an old sarovar with verifiable and religious significance and it is additionally one of the biggest artificial washing tanks in Asia. Abul Fazl, who was one of the antiquarians in Akbar’s court, called it a ‘scaled down ocean made by man’.

Krishna Museum:


Each exhibition hall has its own particular character and identity. With a view to arousing the general population ethically and socially through the thoughts and goals of Krishna and to illuminate the general population the historical backdrop of the area, the Srikrishna Museum was set up by Kurukshetra Development Board in the year 1987. In this manner on 28 July 1991, it was moved to the principal square of the historical center working after its introduction by the then President of India, Sh. R. Venkataraman.

Jyotisar Kurukshetra:


Jyotisar is where the hallowed book of Bhagwad Gita started. It is situated at a separation of 12 km from the district of Kurukshetra on the Pehowa Road. The name Jyotisar gets its name from the Hindi words, “Jyoti” signifying “light” and “Sar” signifying ‘the center significance’.

Pipli Zoo Kurukshetra:


The Mini Zoo is situated on Grand Trunk Road close Pipli transport remain in Kurukshetra, Haryana, India. Spread more than 27 sections of land of land along the National Highway first in Kurukshetra, Pipli zoo is one of the three kept up zoos of the state natural life division. The other two are in Rohtak and Bhiwani.

Kurukshetra Panorama and Science Center:


The Kurukshetra Panorama and Science Center is situated beside Shrikrishna Museum in Thanesar, Kurukshetra, Haryana, India around 1.5 km from Kurukshtra railroad station. This is a two story working with a few exhibits,which has been gone to by 80 million guests in 15 years till March 2016.

O P Jindal Park:

O P-jindal-park-india

O P Jindal Park and Musical Fountain was inherent the memory generally O P Jindal, the Power Minister of Haryana. The recreation center comprises of a little child’s range with vivid swings and excursion territory alongside creature zone and games region. This stop reaches out over a region of 14 sections of land with a rose garden and a running zone in it. The recreation center is additionally utilized as a reflection focus.

Kos Minars Kurukshetra:


Kos Minars are medieval developments that are specked crosswise over different towns in Kurukshetra. A strong round column and around 30 feet tall, Kos Minars were a vital piece of correspondence and go in the Mughal kingdom, albeit exceptionally basic in stature.

Raja Harsh ka Tila:


The present town of Thanesar has the benefit of being worked on an old site of archeological significance. Exhuming in the hill known as “Unforgiving Ka Tila” which is decently a kilometer long, has uncovered remainders from the seventh century, when the district was led by the King Harsha. An archeological wonder and a characterizing disclosure, “Raja Harsh ka Tila” is confirmation of the vestige of the quite respected locale of Kurukshetra.

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