Kiphire Nagaland

Kiphire Nagaland

Kiphire is the small and beautiful town situated in the Nagaland, state of India. This wonderful tiny town is the newly formed ninth district of Nagaland which was sculptured out of Tuensang districts. After Longleng it is the second least populous district of Nagaland. Kiphire town is enclosed by Tusensang District in the north, Myanmar in the east and Phek district in the west. Situated in the middle of the Saramati Mountains, the town has some enchanting scenes of nature. This amazing town is nestled at the height of 896 m above sea level. There are several amazing tourist attractions to visit, which attracts the number of people. It is additionally an ideal destination for the nature lovers as the place has facilities of boating, trekking and paddling.

Sukhayap Kiphire:

Sukhayap is one of the perfect tourist attraction to visit in Kiphire, Nagaland. This amazing destination situated 5 km away from the Mimi. Sukhayap the enchanting and captivating place, also known as the Lover’s Paradise. It is a precarious cliff that can be climbed with the help of a ladder. From this place, people can experience the excellence of the Kiphire; the breathtaking view of this place attracts several tourists.

Saramati Peak Kiphire:


Saramati Peak is another excellent place to explore in Kiphire, Nagaland. This is the highest peak of Nagaland. Saramati Peak is situated at the height of 3826 m above the sea level. During the winters this peak is covered with the snow and offers the enchanting views throughout the year. The dense, lush green vegetation is enclosed to the mountain ranges. It has several varieties of flora and fauna which comprise a few rare species as well. From the height of the beautiful peak, the scene can be seen.

Pungro Kiphire:

Pungro is a town that is the most amazing destination to explore situated in the Kiphire region of Nagaland state, India. The local dialect of Pungro is English, and the majority of the town individuals communicate in English. Pungro people utilize English dialect for correspondence. Pungro town is located in the UTC 5.30 time zone, and it takes after Indian Standard Time (IST). Pungro sunrise time changes 21 minutes from IST.

Fakhim Wildlife Sanctuary:


Fakhim Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect place to visit in Kiphire. This wildlife sanctuary is spread over the 642 hectares of land area. Fakhim Wildlife Sanctuary includes several animals such as lions, tigers, wild buffaloes, Mithun, hoolock gibbons and leopards. The geographical location of thee amazing wildlife sanctuary permits it to receive heavy rainfalls; therefore, the wildlife sanctuary consists of the massive number of great vegetation. Some of the vegetation are Bogipoma, Khasi Pine, Amari, Oaks, Nahor, Uriam, Bonsum, Gamari, Kachna, Alder and many more.

Salomi Caves Kiphire:

Salomi Caves are situated in the Salomi village. The amazing Salomi caves are natural. It is believed by the people that these caves have come to existence with the blessings of mother nature and are not man-made. This cave is the great example of the architectural excellence of nature. This cave has several numbers of entry and exit point. At one end of this cave, the River Likimro is connected.

Mihki- the river of salt:

Mihki- the river of Salt is one of the best places to explore in Kiphire, Nagaland. This beautiful river is flow close to the Siphi. In ancient times, the water from this river was utilized to prepare salt cakes by the Sangphure villagers. In by-gone days, these salt cakes were utilized as a means of exchange or currency. The water of Mikhi river is regarded by the Sangtams as holding healing ascribes.

Caves of Mimi:


The caves of Mimi is another amazing attraction to visit in Kiphire. These enchanting caves is situated in the Mimi village. The caves of Mimi nestled at the height of 300-400 feet above the sea level. There are four wonderful caves, and they offered shelter to wild animals and bats. The caves of Mimi consists too many bats, and the people get scared to see the number of bats. These caves are the must-visit destination in Kiphire.

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