Holi Celebration in Mathura

Holi Celebration in Mathura

Holi Festival is one of the most popular Hindu Festival in India. People also call it as the festival of colors and famous all around the world. People not only from India but also from all over the world comes Mathura and Vrindavan to Celebrate the Holi Festival. At Mathura Vrindavan and all Brij Bhumi the Holi Celebration is not a single day festival but there it is long celebration around 16 days. There are different types of Holi Celebration in Mathura and Brij Bhumi region like Phoolon ki Holi (Flower Holi), Lathmar Holi, Widow Holi and many more. The Holi Festival of Mathura Vrindavan is must see event and each have to come and enjoy this festival once in lifetime.

Reasons for Holi Celebration in Mathura and Vrindavan


As Mathura is birth place of Lord Krishna and Holi is the main festival of there so the holi celebration at Mathura Vrindavan is entirely different then the whole country . It is the favorite festival of Lord Krishna so it’s very special over there. Holi Celebration in Mathura is entirely different and played in such a manner that there is no tomorrow. The Matki fod, Lathmar Holi and many other traditional enthusiasm makes it entirely different then all other places . If you are really crazy about ‘Mathura ki Holi’ and want to be part of it then just pack your bags for upcoming Holi festival and get the lifetime unforgettable experience. The ‘ghats’ of Mathura is a place where you can enjoy the Holi Festival as ther celebration of Holi at Ghat of Mathura is entirely different.

Different Types of Holi Celebration in Mathura

1. Lathmar Holi Nandgaon


Lathmar Holi is the old traditional way to celebrate the Holi and is running from last many centuries. This is very crazy and interesting way to celebrate the festival of holi. In this festival the natives plays with sticks and shields. Then women beat man with sticks and man cover them with shields. If you are interested and want to be part of this type Holi Celebration or want to watch and enjoy it then Mathura is the main center of Lathmar Holi. There is an old story behind Lathmar Holi, Lord Krishna complained to his mother about his dark complexion whereas Goddess Radha has very fair complexion. His mother told Lord Krishna to go and smear colors on Goddess Radha, so that her complexion get hidden. After that Lord Krishna start moving from Nandagaon toward Barsana which is the village of Goddess Radha, Then Lord Krishna spread color over Gopis (Friend of Radha) and Radha. Then Goddess Radha and her friends get angry over Lord Krishna and then we get the festival where all the women beat men with sticks called Lathmar Holi. It’s a very famous part of Holi Celebration in Mathura and people from all over the world come here to celebrate the Lathmar Holi.

Phoolon Wali Holi (Flower Holi)


Phoolon Wali Holi (Holi of Flowers) is celebrated on the day of Ekadashi which comes before Holi. The Holi of Flowers is celebrated from Banke Bihari Temple at Vrindavan. When the Gate of Temple opens at 04:00 then the Holi celebration begins. It is only small time of 20-30 mins when the flowers are spread all over at Shree Banke Bihari Temple. Always try to reach in time if you want to enjoy this special holi of flowers as it is only for small time stamp of half an hour.

Widow’s Holi


This special holi is for widows living there and is celebrated at Gopinath Temple Vrindavan around 12:00 noon before main holi. As the life of widows is so difficult and full of struggles in India. There life seems to colorless and they have to wear maximum time white dresses. But in 2013, Widows of the Pagal Baba Widow Ashram, Vrindavan just make a new change and start the Holi celebration by playing Holi with colors and dancing on Holi songs.

Main Holi Celebration in Mathura


As the main Holi starts from the Banke Bihari Temple and after that it starts toward Mathura around 1:30 noon. The colorful parade starts toward Mathura and spreading colors all over with lots of celebration and dance in different Holi tunes. It starts from Vishram Ghat and move toward the Holi Gate. You can look the street between these 2 stops is full of different tourist arrived from world wide to capture and enjoy this beautiful event. In this Parade 10 vehicles and then the stage which is decoraed with different colorful flowers. Kids will be seen dressed as Radha and Krishna and dancing over the decks of stage. This it the complete celebration and each one is coloring every face and spreading love and colors all over.

Holika Dahan


Holika Dahan is also a special event which will held and Holi gate at evening. There you can see lots of people gathered there at Holi Gate. Holika Dahan is celebrated on the last evening of main Holi. This is known as victory over evil. People also consider as the good bye to winter and welcome to summer.


If you are really excited about the Holi festival you must visit to Mathura and Vrindavan, Uttar Pardesh, India for a Holi celebration. This is must visit event and it will be life time unforgettable event. so we part of it and get colors of happiness and enjoyment spread over your life.

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