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Doda is the amazing place in the Jammu Kashmir state of India. This district is nestled in the eastern portion of the Jammu and Kashmir. The Doda district involves the area drawn from the old division of Kishtwar and Bhaderwah. Doda town lies on the 55000 feet above the sea level. Doda is trusted to be named after a migrant from Multan and a utensil maker Deeda. This place has the wonderfully cool and delightful temperature at the time of summer, minimal rainfall at the time of monsoon, and snowfall in winters.

Bhaderwah Doda:


Bhaderwah is the small and beautiful city situated in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. This city is also famous as the ‘Mini Kashmir’ or ‘Chhota Kashmir.’ Bhaderwah is the fabulous tourist place which attracts several tourists across the world. This place is lies amid the coniferous forests, lush green vegetation, rolling hills, and sparkling rivers—Bhaderwah providing the fantastic and scenic views of endless grasslands and glaciers.

Vasukinag Temple:


Vasukinag temple is one of the perfect pilgrimage sites to explore in the Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir. From the central chowk of Bhaderwah in Kishtwar, this beautiful temple is nestled just at the walking distance. Vasukinag temple comprises an amazing single stone statue of Vasukinag and Raja Jamute Vahan. This temple is one of the ancient temples in the Bhaderwah. According to Hindu mythology, the Vasuki is the King of snakes and has a Gem on his head.

Baba Dhansar:


Baba Dhansar is another best place to visit in Jammu. This is a sacred place of Baba Dhansar and situated at Karua Jheel close to the Karua village. The village is 17 km away from the Resai towards Katra. It is trusted by the people that in this place, Baba Dhansar prayed to Lord Shiva for help. Karua Jheel is regarded as a sacred lake; however, bathing is not allowed in this lake.



Kishtwar is an enchanting city situated in the Jammu and Kashmir. This city is the land of saffron, shrines, and sapphire. Kishtwar is lamost the mountainous area like Ladakh and Himachal region. The Kishtwar district was carved out from the earlier district Doda throughout the year of 2007-2008. Kishtwar is full of hidden places and charm, beautiful sites and spots, and amazing historical tourist attractions.

Sanasar Doda:


Sanasar is a fabulous place to visit in Jammu and Kashmir. Sana and Sar are two twin towns that are situated at the distance of 20 km from the Patnitop. By the local people, Sanasar is known as the ‘Mini Gulmarg.’ This enchanting place is the fusion of lush green vegetation and forests. Sanasar is encompassed by the captivating views of the Himalayas and Cedar trees.

Gupt Ganga Temple:


Gupt Ganga Temple is one of the fantastic pilgrimage sites in Baderwah city of Jammu and Kashmir. This temple is an essential oldest temple of the Baderwah area. Gupt Ganga temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. It is believed by the people that this temple is set up in the same place where Pandavs spent few days throughout their outcasts. This temple is nestled on the bank of river Neru.

Chinta Valley:


Chinta valley is a magnificent valley and perfect place to explore in Jammu and Kashmir. This valley is situated at the height of 6500 feet above the sea level. The Chinta valley is surrounded by the lush green vegetation and coniferous forests. This valley is created by the flow of the Chenab river. Thuba is the highest point that divided Chinta Nallah from Bhaderwah.

Umasi Pass:


Umasi Pass is also the best place to visit in Jammu and Kashmir. Another name of the Umasi Pass is Umasi-la-Pass and nestled in the region of Doda district. Umasi La pass trek is extraordinary amongst the most remote and difficult trek. The Umasi La provides an astonishing view of the Pir Panjal run in the Himachal Pradesh.

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