Withing the Nubra area of Ladakh, Diskit is arranged at an elevation of 3142 meters above ocean level, and lies 15 km north-west off the Khalsar-Panamik course, at the edge of the leave in Shyok valley. Among the bigger towns, Diskit is the authoritative focal point of Nubra valley.

Diskit is well known for its fourteenth century cloister, which is accepted to be the biggest and most seasoned religious community in Nubra valley. The cloister can be come to from the Diskit town through a tough and dusty street that crosses a stream amidst the town.

diskit-monastery-leh-ladakhThe cloister has a place with Gelugpa arrange or the Yellow Hat faction of Tibetan Buddhsim. It was established by Changzem Tserab Zangpo, the supporter of Tsong Khapa, in fourteenth century.

Diskit religious community was given to Rimpoche of Thiksey cloister amid eighteenth century. It is still under the administration of Thiksey cloister and subsequently, considered a sub-gompa of Thiksey. The cloister is of Tibetan style development and gloats of wall paintings and frescos.The gompa top of Diskit offers all encompassing perspectives of Nubra Valley. Diskit religious community remains on a slope over the surge fields of Shyok River.

Diskit has a mellow atmosphere as it is at a lower rise and in this manner has rich vegetation, which has earned it the title of “Plantation of Ladakh”. Diskit is accurately renowned for it’s apricot estates.

bactarian-camel-safaridiskit-monasteryFound closeby, is the gompa of Hundar town. This is a little gompa having a place with the Gelug-dad organization, set in the midst of countless chortens and has an enormous amazing statue of Chamba in the principle petition lobby. The gompa was worked at the time King Jamgyal Namgyal came here with his better half Gyal Khatun. Investigate the town which has some excellent old houses.

Friars were exceptionally connected with to discuss songs of Mani-tung chur in Nubra Valley and in other encompassing ranges. In mid eighteenth century, Tshe-dbang-rnam-rgyal gave away the control of Diskit cloister to the Rinpoche of Thiksey Monastery and this plan has been sustained right up ’til today. From that point forward, Diskit is viewed as a sub-gompa of Thiksey.

Topography :

khardungla-pass-diskit-monestery-leh-ladakhThe Diskit cloister is arranged on the slope, simply over the surge fields of the Shayok River. Nubra River is a tributary of the Shyok River, which streams parallel to the Indus River on the northern side of the Ladakh run. Since the valley is at lower rise, it has a gentle atmosphere. This climatic condition has made lavish vegetation in the valley and the valley is, subsequently, called the “Plantation of Ladakh”.

The Monastery :

paranik-vill-diskit monestery ladakh india toursDiskit Monastery has been worked at the edge of the approach street. This street joins with Parthapur and Those. Way to deal with the religious community is through a flight of steps made of stones, which prompt the petition corridor of the cloister. A statue of Maitreya Buddha is cherished in the lobby. There is a gigantic drum situated inside the corridor. In the chamber on the second floor, there are numerous pictures of savage gatekeeper divinities. Diskit religious community has a raised vault with a fresco of the Tashi Lhunpo cloister of Tibet. The notable and socially essential Tashi Lhunpo was established in 1447 by the First Dalai Lama close Shigatse in Tibet.

The religious community, which houses around 100 friars, runs a school in its areas. This school shows Tibetan kids. The school has been overhauled as of late to empower instructing of logical subjects with support from the Lungta, a ‘Tibet Support Group’ (a Non Governmental Organization – NGO) who have made PC offices in the school. Lungta has prepared the friars of the cloister in PC aptitudes and in the English dialect with the goal that they could thus educate the offspring of the school.

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