Champawat Uttarakhand

Champawat Uttarakhand

Champawat town is the beautiful town situated in the Uttarakhand state of India. This city is the previous capital of the Kumaon Kingdom. The Champawat district is a famous tourist destination which possessing nature thunders, various outdoor activities, pilgrimage sites and historical sites. It is believed that Champawat is the place where the Kumavtar took place. Nowadays there is an amazing temple which is known as the Kranteshwar Mandir dedicated to Lord Shiva. Champawat is a captivating town with terraced fields and enchanting spectacular which cover the valley.

Banasur Ka Kila:


Banasur Ka Kila is one of the perfect tourist attraction to visit in Champawat, Uttarakhand. This amazing fort was established in the memory of Banasur, the son of King Bali who was killed by Lord Krishna. This beautiful fort is nestled 7km from Lohaghat and 20 km away from Champawat. Banasur Ka Kila offers perfect scenic views of exotic Himalayan peaks. This fort is also known as the Vanasur Ka Kila.

Kranteshwar Mahadev Temple:


Kranteshwar Mahadev Temple is one of the amazing pilgrimage sites in Champawat region of Uttarakhand. This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and is also known as the Kandev and Kurmapad by the local individuals. The Kranteshwar Mahadev temple is nestled around 6 km away from the central town and lie at the height of around 6000m above the sea level.

Mayawati Ashram:


Mayawati Ashram also is known as the Advaita Ashram is located only 9 km away from Lohaghat and around 22 km from the Champawat. This ashram is nestled at the height of 1,940 m above the sea level and is enclosed by the beautiful Himalayan Mountains. It additionally has a small exhibition hall and a library that offer convenience place to the explorers.



Lohaghat town is well-known for its scenic views and lush green vegetation, which make this site a perfect visitor place of Champawat. This place is situated around 14 km away from Champawat and nestled at the height of 5,597 ft above the ocean level. Lohaghat is a beautiful town which is famous for burans flowers, which bloom amid the mid-year season and is situated on the banks of Lohawati River.

Gurdwara Reetha Sahib:


Gurudwara Reetha Sahib is another amazing pilgrimage site in Champawat, Uttarakhand. The Reetha Sahib Gurudwara is also known as the Meetha Reetha Sahib. This Gurudwara is situated in a small hamlet known Dyuri in Champawat district. This Gurudwara is regarded as the holiest place by the Sikhs and is nestled about 72 km from the main city of Champawat. Gurudwara Reetha Sahib is famous for the soapnut trees, and the nuts from these trees are given as Prasad to the devotees.



Purnagiri is a beautiful attraction to visit in Champawat. This place is nestled at the height of 3000 m above sea level. Purnagiri is situated at around 20 km from Tanakpur and 92 km from the Champawat. This destination is well-known for a Chaitra Navratri which is celebrated amid March and April. Kali River flows into the fields, where it is called as Sharda River.



Pancheshwar is one of the most enchanting places to explore in Champawat. This place is nestled 40 away km from Lohaghat, close to the point of Saryu and Kali Rivers. Where these two rivers meet, is regarded as a holy place by the Hindus. This place shares its boundary with its neighbouring country Nepal. Pancheshwar is enclosed by the lush green vegetation, mountains well known for it’s captivating and breathtaking views.

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