Budgam Jammu and Kashmir

Budgam Jammu and Kashmir

Budgam District is a locale of the territory of Jammu and Kashmir in India. Made in 1979 with its base camp at Budgam, it is a regions in Kashmir valley where Shia Muslims are lion’s share. Budgam area appeared in 1979, preceding which it was a piece of Srinagar region. In previous circumstances, Budgam was a piece of Baramulla region, when Srinagar itself was a constituent of the Anantnag locale. It was then known as tehsil Sri Pratap. Chronicled records recommends that Budgam was likewise alluded to as Pargana Deesu.

Malji Ka Kamra:


Malji Ka Kamra is one of the finest cases of havelis, which is situated at Shekhawati, a remote area in the north of Rajasthan. The haveli alongside numerous different havelis of the locale is accepted to be built in nineteenth century by a conspicuous Oswal Jain trader family, the Kothari factions. Speaking to the ideal mix of Rajput and Italian building styles, the haveli with various entryways and windows was worked by Malaji Kothari.

Diveagar Beach:


Diveagar Beach is situated behind the Sundernarayan Temple and is around 6 km long. This shoreline is well known for having an angling settlement toward one side and haven of transient seagulls at the flip side. This shoreline contains numerous Suru trees, which are generally prominently known as Casuarinas. The course to this shoreline is secured with Belu trees, which are to a great degree uncommon.

Nana Nani Park:


Nana Nani Park is arranged in the Latur District and is near the Versova Park. This stop is associated with Juhu-Versova interface street and is situated in Seven Bungalows and Budgam.

Pine Spring Hotel Near Budgam:


Inn Pine Spring is a chain of lavish boutique property, We’re charmed to welcome you in our 3 one of a kind areas Srinagar, Pahalgam and Gulmarg. Throughout the years, Hotel Pine Spring has been given a few honors that harden our consumer loyalty’s.

Mattupetty Dam:


Mattupetty Dam, a cookout spot is celebrated for Indo-Swiss live stock tasks. The repository is arranged at an elevation of 1700 m over the ocean level at a separation of 13 km from Munnar. On their visit, sightseers can witness dairy cattle sustaining as vacationers can get to steers sheds of the territory. Kundala tea manors in vicinity are the eminent vacation spots.



Yousmarg, a gathering of glades, is found 7,500 ft over the ocean level in the Pir Panjal mountain go. A lovely perspective of the mountains, valleys and blooms is the fundamental fascination of this place. The site likewise incorporates a portion of the most astounding pinnacles, for example, Tatakoti and Sunset Peak, which are 4,725 m and 4,746 m high, separately.



Doodpather is gone to for its lovely area amidst slopes and thick woodland cover. It is accepted by the locals that Nund Reshi, a Kashmiri Saint, pricked the ground looking for water however drain overflowed out. In this manner, the place got its name as Doodpather; “Doodh” which means drain and “Pather” which means shake.

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