Vidisha Madhya Pradesh

Vidisha Madhya Pradesh

Vidisha is a city situated in the Madhya Pradesh state of India. The town is located east of the Betwa River, in the part of Betwa and Beas River. The city of Vidisha is 9 km from Sanchi. The previous name of the Vidisha city was Besangar. This town was ruled by the emperor Ashoka, and it was named after his wife Devi (Vedisa- Mahadevi). The Wife of Ashoka practiced Buddhism, and she is also the reason behind the erection of the Great Sanchi Stupa. The city of Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh is a region of ironic heritage. It’s a historic town with amazing ancient buildings that were built in the 2nd century. The historical monuments and buildings of this town reflect the great artwork of the Gupta Empire.

Hindola Torana in Gyaraspur:


Hindola Torna is one of the perfect tourist attraction in Gyaraspur, Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh. This temple is majestic Torana and now known as Hindola Torana. The Hindola Torana is an amazing temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple was built in the 10th century and one of the ornamental gateway arches linked with the large temple. It’s lower part is decorated with the ten statues of Lord Vishnu.

Bijamandal Vidisha:


Bijamandal is well-known as Vijayamandira Temple, situated in Vidisha city, Madhya Pradesh. This temple was established in the eleventh century, and the temple was destroyed in the year 1682. After the destruction of this temple, Aurangzeb- the Mughal emperor, built a mosque known as Alamgiri Masjid at this site. The material of the destructed temple was utilized in the erection of this mosque.

Sanchi Stupa:


The Great Sanchi Stupa was established in the 3rd century by the emperor Ashoka. The world’s prestigious Sanchi Stupa is a remainder of Sanchi’s wonderful past. The Great Stupa is also the famous World Heritage site, which attracts lots of visitors every year. This Stupa is entangled carved and has highly fascinating gateways and walls. The great Sanchi Stupa is the finest example of the shining history of India.

Dashavtara Temples:


 The Dashavatara Temples are the collection of small Vaishnava holy places. Each temple devoted to one or the other ten statues of Lord Vishnu. The Dashavatara temples known as the Sadhavatara Temple by the local people and situated on the north of a local lake in the city of Badoh in Kurwai close to Vidisha. These temples are established in the 8th and 10th centuries AD. The captivating beauty of the temples makes these worth visiting places in Vidisha.

Vidisha River:


The Vidisha River is situated in the part of the Betwa and Beas Rivers. The view of the Vidisha river is breathtaking and captivating. To explore the beauty of Vidisha River is one of the best things to do for visitors in the Vidisha city. Vidisha nestled at the meeting point of the Betwa and Beas Rives, which used to be the remarkable commercial center under the Nags, Sungas, Satvahanas, and Gupta period.

Parmara Temple:


The Parmara Temple is another amazing place to explore in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh. This is the most fantastic heritage site, which mainly reflects the ancient period. The large temple of the Paramara period known as the Bijamandal. These temples are situated close to the eastern edge of the old city.

Maladevi Temple:


Maladevi Temple is situated in the Gyarspur district of Vidisha City. This temple is nestled in the picturesque destination on the slope of a hill. The view of the valley from this temple is captivating. The Maladevi temple consisting an entrance-porch and a hall, the holy place is located on a massive platform the cut out of the hillside.

The Vidisha City, Madhya Pradesh is one of the most amazing and fabulous tourist destinations in India. This small city has several perfect attractions to explore.

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