Ukhrul Town Manipur

Ukhrul Town Manipur

Ukhrul/Hunphun is a town in Ukhrul area in the territory of Manipur, India. Ukhrul region is the home of the Tangkhul Naga. It is the managerial home office of the Ukhrul area. There are likewise four sub-divisions in the region for managing the towns in and around it. The towns, in any case, are represented by the ‘town heads’. Ukhrul is a place that is known for wonderful mountains scattered by various tribal occupants reverberating with the rhythms of tribal societies and rich untamed life.

Vishnu Temple:


The place includes a Vishnu sanctuary with exceptional Chinese impact other than the Loktak Lake and furthermore the Red slope, where a savage fight between the British and the Japanese occurred amid the World War II.

Khayang Peak:


Khayang Peak, at a tallness of 3,114 m above ocean level, is viewed as one of the most astounding mountain pinnacles of the area.

The Khangkhui Cave:


The Khangkhui Cave, privately called as the Khangkhui Mangsor Cave, is basically a characteristic limestone give in. Archeologists have found numerous imperative relics, going back to the Paleolithic culture, from this buckle.

Kachouphung Lake:


The Kachouphung Lake is around 7 km far from the Khayang Falls, on the Achuwa Magi Hills. The lake is encompassed by a few glades and spreads a place where there is around nine sections of land. Pisciculture is drilled at this lake, because of the nearness of neighborhood bright fish and normal carp.

Shirui Kashung Peak:


The Shirui Kashung Peak is at a tallness of 2,835 m above ocean level. Dominant part of the waterways start from the inclines of this mountain crest. It is additionally known for the Shirui Lily blooms that bloom here just between the long stretches of May and June. This pinnacle is around 18 km east of Ukhrul and is occupied by uncommon winged creatures like Blyth’s tragopan and Mrs. Hume’s bar-sponsored fowl.

Ango Ching:


Ango Ching is spread over a territory of 150 sq km and is arranged close to the Sanalok (Chamu) River and the Kachouphung Lake. This place is found east of the city of Ukhrul. The virgin timberland of this locale is home to panthers, wild felines, mountain bears, sambar, elephants and tigers. Flying creatures like peacock, tragopan and horn bill can likewise be spotted here.

Azoa Jenephiu Magi Lake:


The Azoa Jenephiu Magi Lake is around 7 km far from the Khayang Falls and is near the Kachouphung Lake. The lake covers a range of around nine sections of land and is arranged in the Achuwa Magi Hills.

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