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Sanchi is situated in the Madhya Pradesh state of India. This city is well-known for the Buddhist stupas and also known as the ‘the land of Stupas.’ The Buddhist monuments of Sanchi are one of the ancient stone structures in India. The Stupas in Sanchi are designated as the World Heritage site by the UNESCO. The monuments and sculptures present in the site are a great example of the development of Buddhist architecture in Madhya Pradesh. The Great Stupa was constructed in the 3rd century BC by the emperor Ashoka of the Mauryan dynasty. The Sanchi is popularly known for its oldest monasteries, Stupas, the Ashoka Pillar, and many more. This place is the most significant place for Buddhist pilgrimage from across the world.

Udayagiri Caves:


Udayagiri caves is one of the perfect tourist attraction to visit in Madhya Pradesh. The words Udyagiri signifies the mountains of the sunrise. These caves are the historical Hindu pilgrimage site, which homes to twenty rock0cut caves. The Udayagiri caves situated near to the Vidisha.

Hotel Sambodhi:


Hotel Sambodhi was opened in the year of 2002 to give extravagance, comfort, magnificent administration, and an extreme feeling to the visitors. This hotel is situated at the Bhopal Vidisha main road. Hotel Sambodhi is the two-star hotel and offers amazing facilities. The rooms of this hotel are well furnished, elegant, ventilated, and spacious. This hotel also offers multi-cuisine facilities to guests such as Indian, South Indian, Continental, and Chinese. The hotel Sambodhi only serves vegetarian food.

Ashoka Pillar:


The Ashoka Pillar was established in the 3rd century. The structure of this pillar was regulated by the Greco Buddhist style. Still, this pillar appears that it is newly built. This is one of the perfect tourist attraction of the state. The Ashoka Pillar comprises the shaft and a crown of four lions, and this makes the pillar most amazing.

Wildlife In Sanchi:


Wildlife in Sachi is the most amazing attraction for the nature lover. The Sanchi wildlife is surrounded by lush green vegetation and dense forests. This wildlife homes the wide variety of flora and fauna. The safari ride is also available in the Sanchi Wildlife. All the tiny and large species inhabit in the Sanchi Wildlife.

The Great Bowl, Sanchi:


The Great Bowl is one of the most amazing tourist attractions to visit in Sanchi. This massive stone bowl was the storehouse for food and is the most precious relics. The great bowl, also known as Grand Gumbha, is the massive block of stone used to distribute food and the other things to the Buddhist monks.

Great Stupa :


The Great Stupa was established in the 3rd century by the emperor Ashoka. The world’s prestigious Sanchi Stupa is a remainder of Sanchi’s wonderful past. The Great Stupa is also the famous World Heritage site, which attracts lots of visitors every year. This Stupa is entangled carved and has highly fascinating gateways and walls. The great Sanchi Stupa is the finest example of the shining history of India.

Four Gateways:


The Great Stupa is encircled by the four doors, which are frequently called Toranas and are named as northern, southern, eastern, and western. The Northern Gateway is assigned by a wheel of law and features every one of the supernatural happening associated with Buddha that are said in the Jatakas.

Buddhist Vihara:


The Buddhist Vihara is an essential focal point of Buddhist culture and has the relics of Satdhara Stupa. It is situated a couple of kilometers from Sanchi, and the relics are kept in a glass coffin on a stage in the internal chamber.

Gupta Temple:


The Gupta Temple is the well-known tourist attraction in Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh. This temple was constructed in the fifth century AD. The Gupta temple is well linked with the main centers of the Madhya Pradesh. This temple in Sanchi indicates the starting of Temple Architecture in India.

Sanchi is the popularly known place to visit in India because of its amazing and wonderful Buddhist monuments and monasteries. So you must visit this place to explore its elegant heritage sites.

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