Rajmachi Maharashtra

Rajmachi Maharashtra

Rajmachi is the amazing and small village located in Maharashtra, state of India. This wonderful town is nestled in the Sahyadri mountains of the Konkan area of Maharashtra. Rajmachi is well –known for its waterfalls, lush green vegetation and rivers. Rajmach has two embattled peaks, such as Manaranjan and Shrivardhan forts. These two forts re-situated close to the popular hills of Khandala and Lonavala. Rajmachi is the enchanting place to explore, and the Maharashtra tour is not complete without exploring this popular place.


The Rajmachi is a fantastic place for the nature lover and trekker, which makes the trip even more exciting and interesting. There are generally two routes which going to the Rajmachi Fort. The first one is from Kondivade village this is the difficult route where you require to climb about 2000 feet another one is from Lonavala which is just a plain walk this one route is easier to reach the Rajmachi Fort.


Another name of the Rajmachi is Udhewadi, the village which is at the base of the Fort. It takes 30 minutes to reach Rajmachi Fort from the Udhewadi. The beauty of Rajmachi is seen throughout the monsoons when the place embellishes an entirely new look. The lush green vegetation exotic streams, enchanting waterfalls venture a flourishing look to the spectacular which is a treat to eyes. Rajmachi has seen several changes of hands from Shivaji Maharaj, Aurangzeb, Shahu Maharaj and at the end British rule. There are numerous things to explore in this place which attracts several people across the world.

Going by Places Rajmachi:

Rajmachi Point:


The Rajmachi Point is one of the perfect and essential tourist attraction of Rajmachi town. It is situated 6.5 km far from the city of Lonavala. The main allure of this point is that it offers an all surrounding perspective of the Rajmachi Fort. This destination derives its name because of Rajmachi Fort of the amazing Maratha ruler Chatrapati Shivaji against to this point. The point provides the captivating views of Rajmachi Fort.

Manoranjan Fort:


The town of Rajmachi houses the few enchanting fortresses, and the Manoranjan Fort is one of them. This Fort nestled in the western part of the Rajmachi Fort. Manorajan Fort was established with the motive of keeping a watch on the plateau of Manoranjan Hills, in the ancient period. This Fort is nestled in Rajmachi village which is 8.5 km away from Lonavala. The site of this fantastic Fort has three doorway along with a water tank at the top of its hill.

Bhairavnath Temple:


The Bhairavnath Devasthan is a massive amazing tourist attraction of Rajmachi town and is located in its Shreevardhan Fort. The place of this temple is also known as the Dhak by the local individuals. The amazing Bhairavnath Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is also known as the Bhairav. The architectural design of this temple is the same as the Shiva temples of the Konkan area.

This temple is an ancient temple in Dhak. Bhairavnath Temple is one of the famous pilgrimage sites among devotes of Lord Shiva. This is the best place for peace lover. There is a slippery and slick path which leads to the major shire of this sacred place that’s enclosed by several other Hindu God and Goddess. The climate of this place is cool and pleasant, which attracts several tourists to experience its beauty.

Tungarli Dam and Lake:


Tungarli Dam and Lake is one of the perfect and well-known fantastic picnic spots of Rajmachi. The Tungarli Dam of Rajmachi is constructed over the Tungarli Lake. This enchanting dam is nestled in the Tungarli village, in middle of the Sahyadri range of the hills. The top of the amazing dam offers captivating and scenic views of the down city along with other destination such as Lohagad and Lonavala.

The commencement of this dam was done with the motive of offering irrigation facilities to the Rajmachi area. The area across this lake and dam is also utilized for the camping.

Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary:


Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary is another amazing tourist attraction to explore in Rajmachi, Maharashtra. This enchanting wildlife sanctuary is enclosed by the lush green vegetation and exotic hills of the Sahyadri range. Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary includes the several rare species of flora and fauna. The rare mammoth and Indian squirrels are also found in this wildlife sanctuary. A trip to Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary is enthralling and exciting because there are a lot of wildlife animals to see in this wildlife sanctuary.



Lonavala is one of the perfect and famous hill stations to visit in Maharashtra. This destination is nestled at the height of 2,047 ft above the sea level. Lonavala is spread over the 38 sq km of land area. The Lonavala was established in the year of 1817 by the Governor of Bombay, Sir Elphinstone. This place is the best destination to spend time with loved ones. Lonavala is popular among nature admirer and peace lovers. The charm of its lush green vegetation and hills attracts the huge number of people from across the world.

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