Panhala is a famous slope station in the condition of Maharashtra, India. The slope town is situated in Kolhapur area of the state. It is arranged at the elevation of 3177 ft and is embellished with wonderful nature. Panhala has rich legacy of history and numerous old landmarks and fortifications. In spite of the fact that the slope station is little one, it entrances the travelers. It is regularly gone to by numerous travelers consistently.

panhala-hillsAround 20 km from Kolhapur, Panhala is the littlest city in Maharashtra and is best known for the fortification connected with the Maratha lord Shivaji. At a rise of right around 3100 ft, the atmosphere in the city is wonderful practically consistently and the picturesque perspective of the mountains (that is lost in fog for the bigger part of the year) make it a noteworthy vacation destination. Specked with old structures and bracing dividers, the Panhala Fort, considered the biggest of all Deccan posts and the best fascination in the town, was worked somewhere around 1178 and 1209 AD. Ascending around 400 mt over the encompassing plain, the fortress has various passages that extend from underneath the post, the longest of which runs just about 1 km long.

kolhapur-adventure-panhala-maharashtraIt is trusted that Chhatrapti Shivaji Maharaj spent more than 16 months of his life in the fortress. There are a few different landmarks at the fortress that are viewed as remarkable to the Archaelogical Survery of India. The Parashar holes, considered the habitation of Maharishi Parashar (creator of numerous antiquated Indian writings like the Vishnu Purana), are additionally a group puller. Another acclaimed occupant of these caverns was Moropant or Mayur Pandit, the Marathi writer who created the greater part of his work here. While the cool and wonderful atmosphere of Panhala assuages you of your anxiety and the contamination free climate gives you an extraordinary escape from city life, it likewise offers a splendid trekking trail from the base of the town to the stronghold.

The little yet lovely slope station of Panhala appreciates a pleasurable atmosphere at all seasons of the year. The summers are not extremely hot and the winters are wonderfully cool. The storms change the region into a lucky stunner that lures you with its outside air, cool environs, captivating waterfalls and spiritualist corroded fortresses. Panhala is a well-suited place to take a little break from your tumultuous week at any given time.

Visiting Spots in Panhala:

Panhala Fort:

panahala-fort-maharashtraAnother significant fascination is the Panhala fortress which used to be the kingdom of Marathas. It is likewise the fortress where Maratha ruler Shivaji stayed and dominated. The fortress remains as a landmark and is a vacation spot. The entryways at the stronghold are of triangular fit as a fiddle and is around 7 Km long with a Dargah.The rich design and its internal substantial rooms makes touring at Panhala a value to visit. You could even discover different landmarks which are destroyed at present inside the fortress.

Parashar Caves, Panhala:

Parashar hollows is one of the touring spot to be gone to. There is a story behind it as it is said that a sage named Parashar who had lived in the holes here. You could get the chance to go inside the holes and investigate as well. Different books with respect to these caverns have been specified by different writers and even poeteries have been composed on them.

Sunset Point, Panhala:

sunset-point-panhala-maharashtraNorth to the Panhala fortification is the dusk point. There is a little post and on the highest point of the stronghold you could get the opportunity to see the lovely nightfall. The perceivability is much clearer as well. Most travelers would not miss this place where you get the chance to have the best touring.

Sajja Kothi, Panhala:

Another sighseeing at Panhala that is energizing is the view at Sajja Kothi. It is said that Chattrapathi Shivaji had made extraordinary escape from this Kothi. This Kothi was worked amid the Mohammedian rule. It is fundamentally a three storied building which has different cell for the detainees. Every cell has its own particular story and some of them do have a tragic story behind it.

Mahalaxmi Temple:

jyotiba-temple-panhalaThe Shri Mahalaxmi Temple of Kolhapur is one of the Shakti Peethas. It is gone to by a great many travelers from all over India. Mahalaxmi Temple is one of the high imperative otherworldly focus of Maharashtra.

Jyotiba Temple :

Jyotiba sanctuary is place of love situated close to the Panhala. It is arranged at the height of 3124 ft. As per mythology it is trusted that three divine beings Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu joined together in one shape, known as Jyotiba to slaughter the evil spirit Ratnasur. The sanctuary is gone to numerous enthusiasts from over the state.The divinity that is worshiped here is Dattatreya who is said to be incarnation of three divine beings – Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu.

Botenical Garden :

botanical-garden-panhala-maharashtraTry not to miss the Botanical Garden in the event that you are here. It is the place which offers cool and quiet vibe. Wide green yards and tall trees make this place a well known cookout spot. Dusk Point is somewhere else of fascination you can visit. It is arranged at the northern end of the popular Panhala post. It offers the voyagers interesting perspectives of nightfall.

Having a visit guide can make the spots to see at Panhala a huge one. An enrolled visit guide can demonstrate to you the spots and even let you know the history behind the city. For stay, there are different understood inns that can give you plain treatment even at lodgings. The stay is moderate one and you could even discover great eateries inside the inns. Being a little city provides a decent well stay and it can make your touring and occasion a value as well.

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