Navsari Gujarat

Navsari Gujarat

Navsari is a beautiful city situated in the southeastern part of the Gujarat state of India. This city is nestled in the coastal lowland along the Purna River. The Navsari districts consist of five talukas of which, Gandevi, Chikhli, and Navsari are main talukas. This district is flourishing in Chikko plantations, sugarcane fields, and mango trees. Navsari city of Gujarat is well known for the sugar business and floriculture activities. This city is famous for the Vansda National Park and historical place, Dandi.

Dandi Village:


Dandi is fabulous Village situated in the Jalalpore taluka, Navsari District, Gujarat, India. This fabulous village is nestled on the shore of the Arabian Sea close to the City of Navsari. Dandi Village is well-known for the Salt Satyagraha, which was driven by Mahatma Gandhi. The main tourist attraction of this place is a pillar which is known as Kirti. The pillar was built in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi.

Purna River:


Purna River is one of the main rivers situated in Navsari, Gujarat state of India. This river runs parallel to another popular river known as the Tapti River. The Purna River is approximately 170 km long. This amazing river flows through the salt belt and is known by the other names, such as Paisani and Payoshni.

Somnath Mahadev Temple:


The Somnath Mahadev Temple is a prominent temple situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea, close to the Navsari City, Gujarat. It is believed that this temple is constructed in gold, silver, wood, and stone by Lord Soma, Lord Ravi, Lord Krishna, and Lord Bhimadeva, individually. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The height of this temple is around 108 feet, making it the tallest temple in the southern district of Gujarat.

Karadi Gandhi Kutir:


Karadi is a fabulous destination that is popular for the Gandhi Kutir Institution. It is believed by the people that this amazing sightseeing was established in the year of 1950. This fantastic village is situated around 12 km away from Navsari in Jalalpor Taluka.

Navsari Camp:


Navsari City in Gujarat is the perfect place for camping. Many tourists visit every year to experience the amazing camping in beautiful city Navsari. The Vanda national park in Navsari is the best place for the eco camping, and along with the Dandi village is also the breathtaking and captivating place for the camping.

Umbharat town:


Umbharat town is situated in the Jalalpore tehsil of Navsari district in Gujarat. This place is popularly known for the amazing Umbharat Beach that has several resorts and water parks. The shoreline is a perfect destination for sunbathing and swimming. It is well known for a yearly celebration celebrated upon the arrival of Anant Chaudas.

Dudhia Talao Greens:


Dudhia Talao is a famous market territory that has a mall and the Ashapuri Temple. It is believed by the people that this place was previously a lake. A part of it has been used by the J.N. Goodbye Navsari Memorial Trust to construct a theater, which named as the J.N. Goodbye Memorial Hall.

Resort Navsari:


The resort in Navsari are well known for their amazing services. The resorts in this city are the best place for visitors to spend the holidays. Resorts in Navsari offers the luxury rooms to their guests with the advanced facilities. Along with the luxury rooms, the resorts in Navsari also serves the delicious and mouth-watering food to their guests.

Visit the Navsari City of Gujarat to explore it’s amazing and captivating destinations. The tourist attraction of this place are worth visit so must go and experience the beauty of this magnificent city of Gujarat.

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