“Nashik” (‘Wine Capital’ & the ‘Grape City’ of India)

“Nashik” (‘Wine Capital’ & the ‘Grape City’ of India)

Nashik is the earliest holy city situated in Maharashtra, a fantastic state in Western India. Nashik is one of the captivating place in India, the blend of ancient and modern touches. It is broadly known as the ‘wine capital of India’ as well as the ‘Grape city of India.’ 

This amazing city is nestled in the Western Ghats and lies on the bank of the holy river Godavari in the middle of nine slopes such as- Ganesh, Durga, Chitraghanta, Dinger Ali Mharsarul, Jogwada, Pathanpura, and Konkani. Nashik is admired with mesmerizing views and a decent, wonderful atmosphere, all these things making it the amazing destination for the visitors.


The atmosphere of the Nashik is extremely helpful for the growth of grapes. Merging with the ‘Grape Processing Industry Policy,’ the government of Maharashtra made this place the center point of the Wine industry in India. That’s the reason this place is popularly known as the ‘Wine Capital of India’ or the ‘Grape City of India.’

Nashik is one of the world’s famous holiest Hindu pilgrimage sites. Kumbh Mela– is one of the biggest fairs and festivals in India, is taking place in Nashik once in 12 years. During the 14 years of exile Lord Rama live for some times at Tapovan near to the Nashik. It is believed that Lord Rama lives in Panchvati Range of Nashik with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman amid his years of exile.

Spots To Visit In Nashik:



Muktidham is the marble temple complex admiring several Hindu Gods. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in Nashik. This beautiful temple is made with the authentic Rajasthani marble. It homes duplicates of all the 12 Jyotilingams, blessed by their original shrines. Muktidham temple complex was established in the year of 1971 by Sri Jayrambhai Bytco. It is believed by the people that a holy darshan of this holy place offers as much as a visit to four shrines.

In the complex of Muktidham, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. The walls of Lord Krishna Temple have portray depicted with the scenes of Mahabharata and the life of Krishna. The unique thing about the temple is this there are eighteen chapters of Bhagavad-Geeta written on the temple walls. Along with this, there are statues of Vishnu, Rama, Laxman, Sita, Durga, Hanuman, Laxmi and Ganesha, the Hindu Gods and Goddesses.



For the believers of Ramayan, Panchvati is the holy place. This place attracts many devotees. This amazing town is situated close to the Nashik, this destination provides small sightings and having a lot of importance in the epic of Ramayan.

Even in the present day, this amazing and religious place Panchvati holds the most significance. It is the place where, during the exile, Lord Ram lives with his wife and brother.

Anjaneri Hills:

Anjaneri Hills derives its name from Lord Hanuman’s mother, Anjani. This hill is one of the sacred destinations to visit in Nashik. Nestled in the beautiful mountain peak, it is believed by the peoples that Goddess Anjana gave birth to Lord Hanuman in the cave located in the hills. 

Vihigaon Waterfall:


The Vihigaon Waterfall is one of the most charming and mesmerizing destinations to visit in Nashik. It is situated in the heart of the lush green vegetation in the Western Ghats. The view of this captivating waterfall is mind-blowing.

The best time to visit this breathtaking place is in the middle of the monsoon. The lush green vegetation surrounds this beautiful waterfall, where you can enjoy a barbeque with your loved ones. This waterfall is a fantastic refreshing weekend place near Nashik.

Pandavleni Caves:


If you are adventurous and looking for exciting, then the Pandavleni cave in Nashik is the best destination for you. Pandavleni Caves are 8 km away from the Nashik Bus Station. The amazing Pandavleni caves are also known as the Trirashmi Caves; these caves are the oldest rock-cut caves located on Trirashmi Hills.

These caves are the group of 24 caves that are craved in the middle of the 3rd century BC and 2nd century AD. If you like trekking and mountaineering, then you must have to visit this amazing place. For nature admires and peace lovers, this place is the best to visit.

Sita Gumpha:


Sita Gumpha is located close to the Kalram Temple in the Panchvati region of Nashik. It is 2.7 km far from the Nashik central bus station. Sita Gumpha is one of the amazing pilgrimage sites to visit in Nashik.

Sita Gumpha is the place from where Ravan had kidnapped Sita. This place is well known for its important role in the epic of Ramayan. This cave houses the statue of Lord Ram, Sita, and Lakshman. Along with this, there is Shivliing in this Gufa. It is believed by the people that here Sita worshipped the Lord Siva.

Wine Tour in Nashik:


Your tour to Nashik ends with the glass of wine along with plenty of nature and amazing vineyards. The breathtaking and captivating views of the vineyards end your tour with a fantastic experience. There are several vineyards in Nashik with tasting rooms, where you can taste the wine.

A wine tour is the amazing thing to do in Nashik; there are almost 30 wineries around the area, which exciting the wine lovers. The Wine yards are situated in the three different areas, such as Gangapur Dam (20 minutes west of Nashik), Sanjegaon district (45 minutes before Nashik), and Dindori district (an hour north of Nashik). All these places offer you a wonderful view of the amazing vineyards where you can connect with yourself with an estate walk and get a dominant dosage of fun with vineyard visits and tastings.

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